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7 Ways to Repurpose Content to Boost Your Traffic

Creating content takes a lot of time and effort. A lot of research goes into creating it. Writing blog posts, tutorials, videos or other content takes many hours.

Nonetheless, it can also increase traffic to your website and improve your brand’s reputation. Once a new piece of content is published, you usually move on to the next and new project on your list. All that hard work will most likely have been for nothing.

Repurposing old content can be extremely beneficial in reaching new audiences and saving time on creating new content. A survey by databox found that nearly 90% of marketers say that reusing old content is more effective than creating new content.

How do you repurpose content and not waste old content?

Turn Blog Posts Into Videos

Videos are one of the most effective ways to increase content engagement. They are engaging, interesting, and informative.

People who don’t have time to read articles or find them boring will most likely want to watch a video on the same topic.

Buzzsumo took 100 million videos on Facebook and analyzed them. It turned out that this type of content has the highest engagement on the platform.

On YouTube, on the other hand, long videos may do well because people are looking for more in-depth explanations there and these videos go into more detail.

But on Facebook or Twitter, long videos may not work as well because these platforms are more for scrolling and consuming as much information as possible.

Some businesses or brands post short informative videos and that works for them.

Keeping this in mind, analyzing your audience and converting your best articles into a video format would be the best approach to increase engagement through videos.

Turn Videos or Podcasts into (Blog) Posts

This may seem like an endless cycle and contradict the previous point, but when you post about a new video, podcast, or another type of content, you have to nudge your audience to watch it.

For example – Joe Rogan, the host of the most popular podcast on Spotify “The Joe Rogan Experience” frequently Tweets about a new episode, in the Tweet he also shares a link to his Instagram post showing a small clip of his podcast.

This way, his audience sees a new episode not only on Twitter but also on Instagram. Therefore, he gets more exposure for his podcast on different social media.

You can also write a blog post about the topic of a new video of yours and include a link to it on your blog.

Buzzfeed has several different channels on YouTube and publishes articles about the videos for people who may not watch the video and just want to read a brief description about it. Then they share the article on other social media platforms and increase engagement for that video.

Republish Old Content

To keep old content from going stale, don’t be afraid to re-share some of the content you’ve published in the past. It works best if the past content is still relevant now, but it’s not necessary.

For example, Buzzfeed recently shared on Facebook a post with a link that leads to a quiz they made in 2020. This is their way of revisiting old content for consumers that is relevant to them now.


Since 2010 Quora has slowly but steadily grown into an increasingly popular website. Now they have around 200 million active users monthly. If you type a question into Google, there’s a good chance that one of the first results will be a Quora page with an answer you are looking for.

There are two ways you can use Quora to your advantage.

The first way is to create your own blog page on Quora and publish some of your best blog posts there.

The second way is to answer questions that are relevant to your niche.


Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular these days.

In 2006, 22% of consumers knew what a podcast was; it increased to 64% in 2019.

This shows that interest in this type of content is on the rise and growing every day. Discussing a popular blog post of yours in more detail can increase traffic.

If you have a podcast, this can be easy for you, but if you don’t – there are many ways you can start one.


Interactive content not only helps you connect with your audience but also helps you figure out what kind of information they want to see.

By utilizing Instagram polls, quizzes you can get consumers to interact with your old or new content.

All you need is to share some questions about a topic you’ve written about in the past and add a link to that particular blog so it will be convenient for people to click on it instead of searching for that topic.

According to the clothing brand MeUndies, they get more clicks to their website from Instagram stories than from a link in their bio.

You can find more Instagram marketing strategy tips here.

Update Older Content

You don’t always have to take one type of content and make it into something else. Simply updating the keywords in your old blog posts can help Google’s algorithm by ranking them higher.

Try “refreshing” them by adding keywords and changing some of the phrases.

Check if an old blog post is still relevant today – for example, a blog from 2012 about marketing tips is probably not worth updating. If it is relevant, try to make it more comprehensive by explaining the topics in more detail.

Don’t forget to add a fresh look by updating or replacing visuals. You can also update photos by using GIFs.

Also, feel free to contact LKI if you are having difficulty optimizing your content!

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