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Best Tips for Marketing Beginners 2021

If there is anything that the past year has taught us – the internet is here to stay. The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has completely changed the way of business management. There is no way to know when we can go back to our usual lives. To ensure the safety of employees, workplaces changed their policies and now people can work from home. Due to this – a continuously growing amount of products and services are being sold online. This is why social media’s presence and engagement are more important than have ever been.

The main question occurs – where should a new business invest their time and resources for next year? 

Online Engagement

More time and energy should be put into social media marketing strategies. Create a strategy that helps you connect with customers, engage with them and understand their needs. Asking on social media platforms for opinions, insights would help to connect with customers and will encourage them to continue using your company. In a 2015 study by Twitter, if a customer tweeted about a certain airline with an issue and received a response on Twitter, they were more willing to pay for the same airline. It also depended on the time in which the airline replied. If it were within 6 minutes or less – more customers were satisfied. This way of generating revenue is not only efficient but very simple thus easy to accomplish.

PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a form of marketing for which you have to pay for. By using this method, you can have more people visiting your website. For every “click” you receive on your ad, you have to pay for it. PPC helps you reach the target audience you want, based on location, gender, age, interests, etc., by buying space for yourself on a website in relation to your product. In Hanapin Marketing’s State of PPC 2019-2020 report 74% of brands stated that “PPC is a huge driver for business”. Even though this type of advertising is expensive, compared to other types, it is very beneficial in the long run.


Although, there is a very big growth seen in podcast popularity over the years, marketers spend very little percent of their money on podcast advertisement. In the United States, around 37% of people have listened to a podcast at least once a month. Spotify credits 24% growth in subscribers due to podcasts. Today, everyone has a smartphone and has full access to listen to podcasts. People have a large variety of options regarding podcasts from celebrity gossip podcasts, book reviews to true crime. With such a wide range of different content, you can easily buy an ad, that targets your preferred audience, which in turn gets more traffic to your website. The most popular podcast on Spotify is The Joe Rogan Experience, with around 190 million downloads in 2019. Even a mention in a said prominent podcast can lead to increased sales. A Nielsen study commissioned by Midroll found that podcasts generated up to 4.4x better brand visitation than other ads. Moreover was an average 10% increase in the desire to purchase among listeners who heard the ad on a podcast.

Voice Search

According to an article by AllBusiness 76% of users aged 18-34 used voice search to find out information about a local business, 64% aged 35-54 used voice search to find information for a local business and 37% aged 55+ for the same reason. But in order for this to work, your information should be optimized for voice search. FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) will help tremendously to answer common questions that may be asked in a voice search. In a Google study, 53% of users will close a website if it does not open or load in 3 seconds. It is only a matter of time when Google adds this to their algorithm.

Video Advertisements

People use their phones to watch YouTube, play games and other online activities. Most apps show some type of advertisement, and one of the most effective ones is video advertising. Around 90% of marketers said that investing their money into video advertising increased visits to their website and almost 30% of customers said that they would buy something after seeing an ad for it. It can be fun and interactive for the customer, plus you can incorporate behind-the-scenes footage to keep your preferred demographic’s attention and make you seem more real and open. It humanizes your brand and helps you make a connection with the client. 

YouTube Sponsorships

There are so many YouTubers for different types of audiences that you can easily gain traffic by paying them to talk about your website, product or app. Also, by doing research on your target audience, you can reach out to a certain YouTube content creator that has the most viewers of that age, gender or interests. YouTube has the longest visit duration, highest pages per visit and lowest average bounce rate. When people watch certain YouTubers they already have a connection with them and they are more likely to trust the product the content creator recommends. For example, Honey, has sponsored a lot of YouTuber videos and has gained a lot of traction to their browser extension, which now it is said they have helped users save more than 2 billion dollars. The extension became so popular that many memes were created of how every YouTuber is being sponsored by them. Honey used this to their advantage and have made several funny tweets regarding this.


To gain more customers through marketing, these are the best bafore mentioned ways to do it. The most important thing is to appeal to your audience and hear what they have to say. You will have to invest time and money into advertisements but it will prove to be beneficial over time and gain the attention of your future customers.

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