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LKI Consulting Christmas season work review

2021 Jan 18

Marketing services

With the changes in the market caused by COVID-19, the majority of companies needed to plan their advertising budgets wisely. In-house marketing and PR teams had no chance but to adapt to a changing environment. Along with the rest of the world, the LKI Consulting team addresses these changes.

We are constantly following new trends to confront triggers caused by pandemia in our marketing strategies, PR plans, and all the products we work with. Based on the new consumer patterns and the era of e-commerce, we shifted our actions and services towards online presence building for our clients.

We are so happy to see how they are succeeding in this challenging period. 

Quite often during the Christmas season, marketing agencies slow down their pace, for the LKI Consulting team, this was a busy period as never before. The end of the year has brought many new and returning clients who decided to re-brand their logos, update websites or create new marketing strategies.

During this period, we succeeded to:

✔ Develop 3 websites with new content and designs.

✔ Created brand books, introducing new designs for clients in the financial field and re-branded 3 logos for an international application created in the US.

✔ Researched audited, and created a strategy for e-shop, focusing on strategic positioning and cost-beneficial work with opinion leaders

✔ Researched, audited, and created a strategy for the medical sector, positioning perspective bariatric surgeon Dr. Danys as a thought leader and developed a marketing plan for new clinics Dr. Danys Clinic opening with a focus on online consultations.

✔ Researched audited, and created a strategy for the real estate sector, positioning a new luxury real estate agency Ricardo Holdings as an expert in their industry.

✔ Worked closely with a new challenger bank YZEPAY marketing research and new strategy creation.

✔ Created launch concept for a luxury cosmetics brand that will be brought by NEWCRUSH to the Lithuanian market soon.

✔ Based on deep research and audit, created the marketing strategy for the award-winning decision-making application.

✔ Launch a new product, creating a strategy, and launching a campaign with opinion leaders and PR actions.

… and many other journeys we took with our clients.

So if you think that there is a bad time for marketing and PR specialists – think twice. Yes, like every other industry affected by changes in the market we must be ready to adapt our strategies.

To keep up with such a pace sometimes we must double our efforts to understand clients’ environment, but we are so happy to realize that this is worth it!

Ultimately, the pandemic period will finish, but by revising your approach to do business you can be sure that you can stay on the market even during the most difficult times.

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