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Coffee break with LKI Intern - Akvile Gudaityte

2021 Feb 01

Marketing services

LKI Consulting provides the opportunity for people who are interested in marketing, to do a 3-month internship. One of those people who wanted to know the ins and outs of the marketing world was Akvile Gudaityte. She has recently ended her internship at LKI Consulting.

So we sat down with her and asked her to talk about how her internship went and what did she gain from the experience.

“My internship in LKI consulting has been a fulfilling, eye-opening, and rewarding experience – I improved so much in just a few (3.5 to be exact) months. 

My main tasks included market research, strategy development, I even got to try out some light web development! I mainly focused on social media since I was already working in the field before joining LKI. 

I couldn’t pick out the most interesting part of this experience since all the clients were wildly diverse, interesting, and outstanding in their own way. You could even say that diversity is the thing that I liked most – each day was a new challenge. 

On the other hand, it was also quite difficult to adapt to such a fast-paced working environment. But as I am quite adventurous and stubborn these challenges didn’t turn into “missions impossible” and I managed to cope with them with a help of a professional and supportive team.

This internship not only showed me the background of marketing but also thought me crucial skills that I’ll use every day in my further career – teamwork, management (time and work), and the most important rule “SMART work pays off”.

I am continuing my journey with my freelance projects as a copywriter, marketing specialist, social media manager, and content creator. I am forever thankful to the team of LKI Consulting for empowering me to follow my dreams and showing that nothing is impossible when you put your heart into it.”

Thank you, Akvile, for choosing us to better your knowledge of the marketing world!

If you want to do an internship as well, feel free to contact us!

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