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How to Create TikTok Marketing Strategy

Ever since Twitter discontinued the Vine application in October of 2016, a new platform has taken its place. It is a video sharing app with 500 million active monthly users and has been downloaded 1.5 billion times. Videos are 15-60 seconds long and can be on any topic. Most of the users on the app are around 15-25 years old as of the third quarter of 2020 in the UK, according to Nonetheless, there are a lot of users above that age group.

The younger generation uses less traditional media than people from older generations. They either get all of their information from computers or smartphones. If they do use a TV, they usually connect it to their computers, for better viewing quality.

According to a report by, 18-34-year-old people spend almost three times more time online than watching TV. In the US, the average of monthly time using TikTok fluctuates each month from 442.9 minutes to 858 minutes. And in Europe, daily usage time is around 60-74 minutes.

As we can see, the application is very popular especially in younger age groups. Videos posted there are captivating and suitable for different people with different interests.

This app has a raw feeling to it, since content creators present themselves as real people with imperfections. Most of the audience love that feeling, that they can relate and see people going through the same struggles as them.

Using this connection with their followers it is in the business’ best interest to have a marketing strategy about how to use TikTok for their benefit.

This is where we come in.

1.    Make Videos in Your Niche

Videos are what make up this app. There are two ways where you can go from creating your account – creating videos and try to reach an audience from there (keep in mind, that the videos have 1 minute mark, so you have to be able to sell your idea or brand in that minute) or create a few videos and use influencer marketing to promote your brand. The first option worked great for a plastic surgeon Anthony Youn. He created his TikTok account @tonyyounmd, creating content about his field of work – plastic surgery. On December 13th 2020, he made a video, explaining how he does breast implant surgery and the following day he posted two more videos. Those videos alone got him more than 300 thousand followers and over 6 million likes. They are easily understandable, interesting and presented in a scientific way, while also following trends.

2.    Use Hashtags

Similar to other social media apps, TikTok also uses hashtags that helps put videos on users For You Page. By categorizing videos with hashtags it can help you reach a preferred audience or just boost your video up. Before posting, you can see which hashtags are the most popular by views written next to the hashtag. Doing so, people will be more likely to find our video based on the hashtag and this way it can potentially boost your follower count. Analyze hashtags that are most used in your line of business.

3.    Follow Trends

There is no other way to know of new trends if you do not use TikTok. For your benefit, you have to go on the app at least once a day to see what types of videos are the most popular and coming on your For You Page. Users tend to click on the sound that is used in a trend and watch videos with the same sound but the content in the video may differ. By using this approach you can create videos which can potentially become popular and you will not seem out of touch with the trends that are happening. Be wary, because trends change fast and doing an old trend when a new one has started will not benefit you in any way, so you need to be quick. One of the most popular trends was the “TikTok leggings”. They were said to give your booty a lift and many users reviewed and tried them on, even Lizzo, an American singer and songwriter, tried them on. There is no need to explain, how much revenue these specific leggings produced by going viral.

4.    Decide On Your Target Audience

As mentioned before, TikTok has many active accounts with different types of content for people with various interests, ranging from “witch-tok” to “therapist-tok”. By analyzing your preferred audience by age, gender, sex, interests you can decide on what content you want to produce and what influencers you should take examples from or what influencers you want your product to be promoted by. A men’s retail company Hellman Retail Group decided they want to broaden their audience and invited a TikTok influencer that is going viral for his orange suit for an appearance in their video. That video alone got them over 11 million views. The engagement spiked significantly for their account.

5.    TikTok Influencers

Do not underestimate TikTok influencers. They have a fan base and reputation based on the content they produce. The most popular influencer on this app is Charlie D’amelio with 109 million followers and still growing. On you can find a list of top 50 most followed accounts that have millions of followers by using this starting point you can decide what types of accounts you want promoting your brand. Accounts that have this kind of influence will expose your brand to potential clients that trust that influencer and potentially increase your sales and visits to your website. Maybelline used this to their advantage by collaborating with a TikTok creator @lolaloliitaaa to promote their new mascara. This generated over 3.5 million impressions and engagement and 0.81% of clicks. Another type of advertising you can do is – hashtag ads. Some popular accounts began using the hashtag #EmilyInParis that had nothing to do with the video they posted. Since people were intrigued about this hashtag, they did a Google search and found out, that this hashtag was promoting a new show called Emily in Paris.

6.    Comment

Screenshot 2021-03-24 205250.png

It will be no use of your created account if you do not utilize it. TikTok ranks comments on videos by most likes received. Commenting on other content creators’ posts and making the comment meaningful or funny, can build a relationship with a potential customer. Do not make comments bland or insincere, this discourages people from liking them and this approach will not make them want to click on your account to check out your videos. For example, as the afore mentioned video, the influencer @josh1morris, that is going viral for his orange suit, commented on Hellman Retail Groups video as a joke “Do you have any orange suits?”. This turned into him being in their video and making his own video. After being featured on their account, he gained 100 thousand followers and got a significant amount of likes also. Since the video was so popular, people visited both of the creator’s accounts.

7.    Post Often

TikTok encourages frequent posting, by posting more videos, using trends and hashtags it will become more likely for your page to show up on someone’s For You Page and by the content you produce, some might decide to follow you.

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