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Clubhouse 5 Minutes of Fame Or the Future of Social Media?

People who follow the news of social networks more actively, already know about the new and innovative Clubhouse app that has launched in March 2020.

This fast-paced social network that connects many different industries and businesses can boast of generating around 10 million users per week.

As of now, the Clubhouse platform is accessible only for Apple Store users, who have gotten invitations from old members.

Clubhouse – what is it?

Those who have already used the app can confirm that the way it works is very simple.

Only people who have joined Clubhouse can invite new members to the network. Each person has two invitations that you can share with family members, co-workers, or friends.

Communication in the program takes place only in audio format – members can join different chat channels that discuss a wide range of topics. They range from cooking to artificial intelligence.

Logged in users can listen or participate in the discussion themselves with the permission of the chat room organizers. Each user can select the desired topics through their personal settings.

The growth of Clubhouse was especially influenced by the newly joined famous and influential people. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Van Jones, and many others are already using this social network.

Clubhouse is currently the 5th most popular app in the Social Networking category on the Apple App Store, after Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Discord.

Clubhouse – an innovative opportunity to expand your business

It is natural that different businesses and industry leaders join this fast-growing social network.

Clubhouse provides great opportunities for companies and businesses to strengthen their relationship with customers by communicating and sharing information about the company’s values, products, vision or even telling inspiring stories of the company and its employees.

Organizations can also take advantage of the Clubhouse platform by conducting face-to-face interviews with customers and listening to their suggestions and expectations.

Such steps can undoubtedly strengthen a company’s relationship with current customers and show that their opinion is particularly important and valued.

Specific actions to boost the image of companies can be seen in one of Clubhouse’s start-up chat channels, where company representatives and founders directly answer people’s questions and thus establish contacts with future clients and investors.

Companies can also support chat room discussions that share company start-ups and employee stories. 

Clubhouse creates great opportunities to make new acquaintances during the interview with industry professionals and investors who have similar interests to the participants in the chat room.

By participating in different discussions, all participants are publicly visible and have the opportunity to view other people’s profiles and contact.

How to grow on the Clubhouse platform?

Clubhouse social network, despite the rapidly growing number of users, is still in its infancy. As a result, previously joined companies or their representatives will reach a large number of listeners and followers much more easily than those who will try to do the same in the future.

Clearly, speed and response are the most important things in increasing the reputation of accounts and influencing Clubhouse members.

It is also crucial to stand out from the professional or business accounts of other industries. This is achieved by creating an eye-catching profile description and nice style.

The description of a Clubhouse account must accurately represent the values and achievements of the business or company. And also other things that impress the members of the network.

In addition, invitations sent to the social network can have a very strong impact in promoting and expanding business awareness.

When you open a Clubhouse member’s profile, the person or company that invited you is also visible. So it’s a good idea to send invitations to people who will be active on the social network and increase their followers.

Tips for creating a chat channel

Before creating a separate chat channel, it is important to assess which audience the topic will be most relevant to and consider which industry professionals could be invited as guests. Such people can help gather more listeners and create value.

Up to 200 words can be used when writing conversation descriptions, so it is recommended to think carefully about how a conversation description can stand out from other discussions on a similar topic.

Finally, creating private and closed chats on Clubhouse provides a great opportunity to show exceptional attention to selected members.

During such conversations business representatives could discuss with selected industry experts, opinion leaders, or investors about possible business development steps and other business agendas.

The future of Clubhouse

The value of the unique social audio network has already surpassed $ 1 Billion and continues to grow at an incredible rate. Some experts in the virtual world believe that the platform will be able to compare or even outperform social networking giants such as Facebook or WhatsApp over time.

It is expected that more and more business professionals will start using the Clubhouse platform to reach foreign markets and communicate with international clients. Experts also expect that other social network users will take similar initiatives in the near future.

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