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Coffee break with LKI Consulting Team Member - Ugne Butinaviciute. Success Story

2021 April 6

Marketing services

Today we want to celebrate one of our team members’ promotions. Ugnė Butinavičiūtė began her career at LKI Consulting as an intern, and today she is working full time as a marketing specialist. How did this journey start?

Ugnė is a student at ISM University of Management and Economics where she studies international business and communication. After finishing her marketing courses in Paris, France, she decided to look for industry-related internships. And 6 months ago, Ugne joined our team as an intern and began her career at LKI Consulting.

“Like any 20-year-old I wanted to start my own independent life. However, it wasn’t an easy task to find a remote, studies-related job in the middle of the pandemic. So, I invested my time to learn about marketing, and it was then when I found out about LKI Consulting”, — remembers Ugne.

Ugnė reached out to the company’s CEO Laura and inquired about the internship possibility. After successfully completing the recruitment process, she started her internship focusing on PR activities. 

During her internship, Ugnė had a chance to experience managing different projects at the same time, doing research, writing PR strategies, managing social media accounts, writing articles and so much more. She had an opportunity to try different parts of a marketing specialists’ work and figure out where she fits best.

“These were one of the most intense months in my life. I was constantly balancing school and work. However, I enjoyed every moment. I never imagined that I would be capable of doing and learning so much in such a short period of time. I am very thankful for Laura’s belief in me, and I am happy for my promotion”, — happily says Ugne.

Now, Ugne is responsible for several clients’ PR strategies, and she is working alongside various communication and social media projects together with other team members. 

We wish Ugne all the best in her further career at LKI Consulting!

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