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Logo Trends 2021

It is probably not needed to explain the importance of a brands logo. Some logos are so popular and distinct, that a consumer can easily identify the business. It shows who you are and describes your whole brand.

We have gathered the latest 2021 logo trends, that are either popular now or will be in the near future. So if you are thinking of starting a new business, rebranding, or simply bringing your old logo up-to-date, here are a few examples that you can use.


It is no secret that minimalism on the rise and will continue to be. Some brands have chosen to rebrand their logo in a more simplistic and aesthetically pleasing way that is popular at this time. It is amazing how you can take away from a logo and it can still be memorable.

Inventive Typography

If you are thinking of a text-based logo, you can use typography to show the businesses personality and emphasize the brand. There are numerous fonts that you can choose from. You just have to pick the one best captures the essence of the brand!

Disappearing Letters

While we are on the topic of typography – try to capture the consumers attention. Add a twist to your logo design. Leave a line unfinished, use fading colors, create a little bit of mystery.


Black and white logos classic. But over time colour in graphic design has become a trend. By using bright and positive colors, you can bring positive emotions to the consumer. In case you do not want your logo to look too childish or comical – gradients are the best way to compromise between bright colors.


If you want your logo to express balance – best way to do it is to make the logo symmetrical. It shows strength, balance and firmness.

Simplistic Geometry

Simple forms like squares, circles, and triangles have a lot of strength when it comes to creating solid visuals.
In terms of design, never underestimate the power of absolute simplicity.

The logo design trends for 2021 provide a chance to rebrand. With current trends focusing on reviving minimalism and classical compositions, the logos of the future appear to be seeking simplicity. 

You can feel free to use these examples for rebranding your logo for 2021. There are no boundaries for creating a logo. You can always mix up certain styles to make a logo that speaks best to you and describes your brand.

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