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How to Create Instagram Marketing Strategy for a B2B Brand

B2B buyers use social media as one of their favorite research channels to learn more about vendors and determine if they can deliver on their promises.

B2B marketers are improving their use of social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, but they’re falling behind when it comes to Instagram marketing.

Instagram isn’t just a place to share videos and photos – it’s so much more. Millennials’ addiction to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram presents a huge opportunity for marketers to drive sales.

According to Statista, the leading countries based on Instagram audience size as of January 2021, the United States and India, have over 140 million users.

This statistic shows that Instagram is a great platform to reach new audiences and increase your customer base when B2B marketing is done right.

Create Your Profile

Create your business profile. Use a photo of the brand logo as your profile picture. Add a short description of the company adding the link to your website.

For more and similar tips on how to create a social media account, check out our knowledge base. 

Establish Goals

“One tip I have for B2B marketers who want to get started with Instagram marketing is to have clear goals in mind before you begin,” says Taylor Kincaid of Social Media Optimism.

“Before you jump into Instagram marketing, have a clear strategy for the platform that aligns with your goals as a B2B company,” says Nicole Spewak of Beacon Digital Marketing. “Do you want to:

– Showcase your product.

– Humanize your brand with behind-the-scenes snapshots of company life.

– Become a thought leader by sharing meaningful quotes and industry statistics.

Choose your approach and focus on creating highly visual content that aligns with your goals and your audience’s interests.”


Instagram is a photo/video sharing platform that allows you to personalize your brand by uploading photos and videos that showcase the company culture and the people who work there.

People in the B2B industry today are more likely to invest in the team behind your product or service than the product or service itself. In addition, portraying your company as one that cares about and is there for its customers can help you gain the trust and loyalty of your audience.

You can increase engagement and brand awareness on Instagram by using Instagram Stories, introducing branded hashtags, and posting at the times when your followers are most likely to be active liking, commenting, or sharing your posts.

In addition, techniques such as freebies, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing have proven helpful in generating more followers and visits to the profile, as well as increasing income over time.

More important information about B2B communication can be found here.

Neat Feed

It is important to have an engaging Instagram feed if you want your followers to stay longer when viewing your page. Users may be enticed to click on it and thus visit your website.

Use the same color palette for all your posts.

“Meet the Team” Approach

Most B2B companies now post on their Instagram feed about the people behind the brand. This gives the company’s image a more authentic and real feel.

You can use the Instagram story section to highlight your team’s daily efforts, struggles, progress as well as success moments.

Nearly 500 million Instagram users engage in Instagram stories on a daily basis, making it one of the best ways for B2B marketers to promote their business or gain new visitors to their company page.

Share Testimonials

When a potential customer is interested in your products and services, the first thing they will look for is testimonials from previous customers and project success stories. It would take them a lot of time to visit your website and then go through the testimonial or case study sections.

Therefore, you can take advantage of posting testimonials on your company’s Instagram page.

It would be great if you could post success stories from recent projects on your Instagram feed. This will not only catch the attention of your followers but also your potential customers.

Moreover, people who have bought a product or service from you before may be interested in doing so again and may become loyal customers.

Ad Campaigns

You can use your Instagram business page to run ad campaigns to reach a larger audience that may be interested in what you have to offer. Smart marketers know when and why to use sponsored campaigns.

According to Social Media Examiner’s research, 38% of B2B marketers use Instagram ad campaigns to better promote their products and services.

Instagram is a great way to increase brand exposure and stay in the minds of potential customers until they make a purchase decision.

Here are some of the most effective Instagram ad strategies:

– Retarget website visits.

– At various phases of the deal, nurture leads and prospects.

– Upsell existing clients by promoting additional features.

– Customers’ success stories should be shared.

Appointment Booking Button

You can now add the appointments or booking area to your Instagram accounts. Instagram offers a ‘Book Now’ action button, which has proven to be the most effective CTA button for business pages.

When a follower hits the ‘Book’ button, they will be sent to the website’s external landing page.

Instagram users may now arrange an appointment or make a booking without leaving the app.

This extra ease for consumers might be beneficial for service-based firms that want to allow users to schedule appointments or consultations.

Only a few companies are taking advantage of this – and you could be one of the few to take the advantage of that feature.

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