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Essential Ingredients for Building a Winning Website

Nowadays, everyone knows how important it is to have a properly designed website for any business.

A company’s website can be seen as its virtual hub that welcomes multiple visitors who can be converted to potential clients.  The quality of the website reflects on the company and brand as a whole. 

While consumer behavior is ever-evolving, there are still some essential components to a winning website. Below we discuss the key ingredients of an effective website design.

“About Us” section

The “About Us” section is probably one of the most important components of a website. People care about who they’re doing business with, that is why having a unique and exciting “About Us” section can make a true difference when attracting B2B or B2C clients.

The “About Us” section represents a great way to share your company’s story, introduce your brand concept, define your mission and vision, as well as list your goals for the future.

In addition, you can consider including information on your founders and key leaders as well as teammates in this section.

The section should clearly tell the world:

✔ Who you are as a business and brand.

✔ What matters to your company.

✔ What your company does.

✔ How your company does it.

A great example of the “About Us” page is Tate – the page eases the journey for any reader seeking to find out who they are and what the brand stands for.

Audience appropriate and valuable content

Always remember that the content on your website should match the audience you are targeting.  That is why you should first gain a deep understanding of your audience.

Once the target audience is defined, ask questions like: “What do they want to know about?” and “What will resonate with them?”. 

The content should be clear and concise as well as useful, providing answers to potential questions being asked. 

When developing the content, use language that you would use when talking with a potential customer face-to-face and use keywords in the text based on the target audience’s search intent⁠.

To sum up, you should make sure that your website content is:

✔ Highly relevant.

✔ Tailored to the defined target audience’s wants, interests, and needs.

✔ Truly informative.

✔ Easy to read and comprehend.

✔ Keyword-optimized.

More useful tips for content creation can be found here.

A strong call to action

A winning website needs to have strong calls to action (CTA) buttons on any given page of your website to lead the visitor to do certain actions. 

We recommend analyzing each section and page of your website in terms of relevant CTA to be added to it. In some cases, you will want the visitor to sign up for your newsletter. In others – to buy a product or subscribe to your service.

However, it is important to limit the number CTAs on each page, since your website should reduce the burden of choice by not giving too many options for the visitor.

Immersive visual storytelling

Visual elements are highly impactful on your audience and the way you build relationships to your website, hence, to your brand. 

A winning website should always tell its visual story, creating an immersive experience for the visitor. Visual content is able to capture more organic traffic as visitors are more likely to link to a website content when it’s visual.

Thus, such type of content will increase on-site engagement as well as conversions.

Certainly, all the visuals must be high quality and the right size to fit with the overall design.

Moreover, you should use visuals that align with your brand strategy to create a positive emotional response by the target audience. 

A few tips would include the following ones:

✔ Have large hero images that display your latest company’s messaging, important content, products, or services information.

✔ Integrate good quality background videos to tell a visual story or convey a specific mood.

✔ Use only high-definition product images arranging them in a user-friendly gallery.

✔ Apply some infographics as they are attention-drawing, helping to capture visitor’s attention for a longer time.

For example, Feed has a creative blend of animation, different unique elements, and video content which immerses the visitor in an engaging experience as a scroll progress bar:

Mobile-friendly design

A winning website must appear as good on mobile devices as it does on desktop PCs.

Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile view are most likely to experience a significant organic traffic decrease.

Social media integration

If your company doesn’t already have social media accounts on such channels as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest – it’s time to create them!

To increase the impact of your social media channels your website should have integration with them. It will be helpful to place links to social media accounts in your footer and also on your “Contact Us” page.

Furthermore, integrating the company’s social media accounts with the website makes it easy for visitors to share the quality content we discussed above in this article.

Thus, don’t miss the opportunity to get more exposure by adding social media share buttons in the relevant places of the website.

More information on where should social media beginners start can be found here.

Personal touch

A winning website never comes across as dull. You should add a personal touch to shine through – this is what a potential client is looking for!

Use well-design unique elements,  utilize a customized color palette as well as fonts. Bear in mind that the bestie design should be consistent with your brand and other advertising materials of the company.

For example, Koox has introduced a unique watercolor theme for vegetable illustrations, plus the smooth transition between different sections of the page makes the website outstanding.

If you want to build your website, feel free to contact LKI Consulting!

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