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New client alert: DeGate

2021 August 26

Marketing services

We are delighted to announce that we have a new client – DeGate. πŸŽ‰

DeGate is an order book-centric Decentralized Exchange that is Ethereum Layer 2 native. DeGate operates as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation), which has full control over the treasury. The main working field of the business is trading cryptocurrencies using Ethereum Layer 2 technology and utilizing their own proprietary technology for efficient order matching.

DeGate team decided to launch the L2 Show on YouTube. It represents a series of guest interview videos dedicated to the developments of Ethereum Layer 2 and projects building on it.Β 

β€œLayer 2 is a hot topic and the key focus of serious crypto people in the Ethereum community –Β  DeGate will explore this key trend and how it can serve the wider crypto community.” – said Alvin Lee, Chief Evangelist at DeGate.

CEO Laura K. Inamedinova stated: β€œAt LKI Consulting, we recognize the need to build DeGate’s awareness among crypto investment and trading communities who are interested in learning insights about Layer 2 technology and would find L2 Show as the source for obtaining valuable expert information.”

β€œWe have chosen to work with LKI Consulting due to their team experience in Crypto and Tech fields,” – mentioned Agne Kazakauskaite, Head Of Communications at DeGate.

As a diverse team of recognized and experienced specialists in marketing, communication as well as technology, the LKI team, will support and lead DeGate through its journey.

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