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LKI Consulting 2021 review - how did we do?

2021 December 27

Marketing services

After the past year’s challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world seems to have adapted to the changes. Now, most restrictions are lifted and everything is seemingly coming back to normal. During this period, the LKI Consulting team did not let the ever-changing situation in the world stop us from doing what we do best. On the contrary, we grew and surpassed 6-digits revenue. 

We adjusted our actions and services towards online presence building for our clients based on consumer trends and the era of crypto and NFT’s.

Our 2021 highlights:

🔥 We have served 40+ Clients on various marketing, design & web development activities. 

🔥 We have announced $50M+ in funding on our Client’s behalf. This includes:

➡️ Interactio, raising $30M in a Series A round led by Eight Roads Ventures and Storm Ventures.

➡️ Watalook, landing $1M in the pre-seed round co-led by Startup Wise Guys, Crosspring, and Launchpad Capital!

➡️ Whatagraph, bagging up $7.2M in Series A led by LitCapital!

➡️ TransactionLink securing $1.35 in a pre-seed round led by Entrée Capital! 

…and many more! 

🔥 Designed and polished quite a few brand books for various Clients in Finance, IT & E-commerce industries.

🔥 Crafted 10+ Marketing strategies and some of them resulted in long-term retainer Clients! 

🔥 Fired up a brand building & marketing by association campaign with DeGate – Orderbook-centric Layer 2 DEX. 

➡️ We have created a strategy for their L2 Show to promote DeGate brand across the Ethereum Layer 2 community.

➡️ Gathered influencers & and used winning strategic tactics to tackle the Client’s critical communication challenges with famous Crypto enthusiasts. This resulted in 15+ repurposed videos. 

➡️ As a result of L2 Show, the company’s Twitter account has gained 1.4k+ new followers and reached 370K+ accounts. The engagement on each tweet has also increased by 5x. 

➡️ Additionally, we have organized a panel with Alvin Lee from DeGate at Future Blockchain Summit 2021.

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🔥 Expanded the team and hired new people!

🔥 Rebranded and launched a new LKI Consulting website! 

… and many other journeys we took with our clients.

We are extremely happy to join our clients on their journey and see them succeed! 🚀

LKI Consulting team is excited about what 2022 will bring and is ready to, at least, triple the company within the year. 

If you want to join us in our journey, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Information about our services can be found here.

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