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Coffee break with LKI Team member - Viktorija Domarkaite

2022 January 05

Marketing services

We have expanded our LKI Team with a new member! Meet Viktorija Domarkaite, our project manager. She has been working in Skillex OÜ, Soma Jewelry, Victoria Olt Gallery OÜ, as an independent consultant and also has worked with Reditus LT, Cavegn & Marsh Advertising, startups in need of rebrands or strategic consultations all over the Baltics.

Viktorija started her marketing journey in managing a jewelry company and its business streamlining. It evolved to user profiles, research on selling points, tripling sales based on research and PR possibilities and cooperation lead generating.

“It was extremely exciting and pushed me towards project management of design/branding background having projects.” – shared Viktorija.

Recently, she joined our team. Viktorija heard about LKI consulting from an HR specialist that was headhunting for project managers who fit the ideology and exceptional customer service of the company.

“However, I have heard about LKI Consulting CEO Laura previously from news sites and social media.” – Viktorija added.

When talking about the misconceptions people have about her position, Viktorija mentioned a few things. One of them – that project management is a more creative field than it may seem.

“People tend to think that project management is only task allocation and bossing others around. Instead, it is generating creative ideas, seeing the bigger project prospects ahead of time, estimating possible backlogs before they arise, and impeccable people skills. Project managers want their team as well as the client to grow and reach beyond their potential with our support along the way.” – shared Viktorija.

Welcome to the team, Viktorija! 🚀

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