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Coffee break with LKI Team member - Domas Diliūnas. Success story

2022 January 24

Marketing services

Today we want to celebrate one of our team members’ promotions. Domas Diliūnas began his career at LKI Consulting as an intern, and today he is working as a junior marketing specialist. How did this journey start?

Domas had some experience in the past working with a few companies. It all started from an internship and a junior role in one cryptocurrency company.

Diliūnas heard about LKI Consulting when he found out about Laura K. Inamedinova. He read an article about people worth following on Linkedin, and because she was mentioned as an expert in the category that is the most interesting for me, he did some research and sent in his application with no hesitation for the internship role.

“The internship was a wonderful experience! It definitely gave me the most knowledge from all of the experiences I had in the past. I reckon that it is an excellent opportunity for any junior to kick off their careers in marketing while working with top-class industry experts.” – Domas shared about the internship.

Domas enjoys the flexibility and remote work culture, it helps you manage your leisure time much easier.

“Also, the whole team is great as well. Everyone is always helpful and shares their insights that are really beneficial for a junior like me.” – said Domas.

Nowadays, Domas does a big variety of tasks from content writing, social media management to various researches. 

We wish Domas all the best in his further career at LKI Consulting!

We encourage anyone, who wants to better their knowledge of the marketing world to reach out!

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