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Congratulations to RecruiterRater for being featured in RefinedPost!

2022 February 11

Client success

Congratulations to LKI Consulting Client RecruiterRaterPippa Evans (and Stephen Martin) for being featured in RefinedPost!

Throughout their careers, they always have been actively involved in recruitment, although their own experience as candidates led them to set up RecruiterRater. In the interview, Steve shared a quick story of the starting point of their business establishment. 

“After our own difficult and challenging experiences, one especially poor for Pippa in late 2019, we felt that candidates needed somewhere to go to voice their experiences, gain support from others, and share so that others could make more informed decisions about recruiters; With the ultimate aim of raising standards within the recruitment world. Throughout 2021 we designed and built RecruiterRater, which we hope will help candidates navigate the often challenging recruitment experience.” stated Steve about the initial idea of how it all started. 

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Moreover, both of them discussed their insights on entrepreneurship and what inspired them to pursue it. Eventually, they gave some advice for future entrepreneurs.

Do it! It’s scary, exciting, hard but hugely addictive. 

We want to once again celebrate this exciting occasion and give a BIG warm thank you to RecruiterRater for their cooperation and trust in LKI Consulting!

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