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LKI Consulting supports Ukraine and Red Cross to help the ones in need

2022 April 1

Marketing services

Ukrainians are showing significant courage and love for their home country in their fight against occupation.

As a marketing agency, we try to contribute to the ones that need support as much as possible and this time is not an exception. Besides helping to raise funds we are also close supporters of Lithuanian organizations who make a difference in this crucial time.

Recently, our Project Manager Viktorija Domarkait─Ś has given her time to design a leaflet with the most important information for Ukrainians who have fled their country.

The leaflet depicts all the cities of Lithuania and clear organizations providing different support such as clothes, food, medicine, humanitarian and supportive help.

The design was done in multiple languages and used visual information that could be understood by anyone.

As addition we also helped design the Red Cross posters thanking the companies and associations that contributed to this initiative the most significantly.

Image from iOS

We would like to bring your attention and remind that your contribution will make a significant impact on families in need.

Don’t be shy to help and donate to the victims of the war. If you want to contribute to the Red Cross as well, visit their donation page for more information!

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