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How to outreach leads and stand out from the competition using LinkedIn?

Linkedin has evolved into the primary platform for industry experts to exchange insights, reach out, and connect. A remarkable proportion of B2B leads (approximately 80%) emerged from Linkedin. People may discover over 61 million senior-level influencers on this platform. And these are just a few of the many incredibly eye-popping LinkedIn statistics for 2021. Now, it is safe to say that LinkedIn is rapidly becoming a goldmine for B2B sales. 

The main question an average LinkedIn user might have is how to stand out among the plethora of sales encounters.. Creating a more personalized email is no longer sufficient. You need to develop new strategies to differentiate  yourself from the competition. To be more precise, let’s dig deeper into personalization and outreach.

How to personalize your content and increase reach 

Writing a LinkedIn message might seem as a  simple thing to do, but it’s not as easy as it appears at first glance. When writing a cold outreach, don’t demand anything from the other person and keep it as light-spirited as possible. Be clear and straightforward from the beginning. 

People that make the most out of outreach opportunities are often long-term thinkers. They simplify the content as much as possible and focus on  building a relationship, not only closing a deal. 

Identify your audience

To start with, identify the suitable audience. Find audiences that have a common interest by examining relevant posts and do not expect anyone to be interested in your outreach.. Browse the profiles of top LinkedIn influencers to identify posts that get a high level of engagement, or choose real users who engage with your posts and export their profiles to CSV. Finally, build a list of warm conversation starters for each group of individuals you want to reach about the post they interacted with.

Don’t engage in direct sales

If your objective is to schedule a call with a prospective customer, avoid selling them a product in the first, second, or even third message. Write as if you were speaking to a buddy. Consider topics apart from your product/company. Mention your solution only if you feel certain it meets the individual’s immediate requirements. Additionally, don’t underestimate advanced filters in LinkedIn. . Anyone may improve the efficiency of their searches by using specific filters on Linkedin. 

Expand your search outside LinkedIn

An excellent method of identifying relevant individuals is to browse through relevant groups. Look for individuals with active accounts who operate in a similar sector to yours. Another excellent technique to discover relevant subjects without spending too much time brainstorming is to keep an eye on Reddit’s popular threads. Choose the most intriguing forums  and search for their authors on Linkedin. Paying attention to Reddit can also assist you with your own content and provide a fresh perspective on customer’s issues.

Lastly, don’t be shy to use Linkedin Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator is an ideal version of LinkedIn – not only for sales representatives. It features a powerful set of search tools, enhanced visibility across expanded networks, and tailored algorithms to assist you in reaching the main decision-makers at the right time. 

Key takeaways

Doing a successful cold outreach might be hard at first but don’t get disappointed. Instead of treating the other person as a customer – approach them as a person that you genuinely care about. Engage and be human. 

Here are our primary recommendations: 

  • Keep your message short. 
  • Always ask and listen to the other person..
  • Communicate as a friend, don’t just try to sell. 
  • Before sending any emails or messages, consider if you would assist this person without promoting your product. 

If you need more tips and advice on outreach, feel free to contact LKI Consulting!


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