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Founder & CEO of LKI Consulting, Laura K. Inamedinova was invited to speak at the AGS Europe panel in Malta

2022 May 16

LKI Consulting CEO Laura K. Inamedinova was invited to be a speaker at the panel discussion “Identifying Marketing Trends Content, SEO $ Streaming” in AGS Europe, Malta. 

4 main questions were covered during the panel:

1. What are the main trends for thought leadership that brands need to capitalize on?

  • Being vulnerable and relatable. Content needs to be personalized and grab the attention of the audience. Don’t show only the good things that are happening in your industry. Talk about challenges you’re having and problems you’ve overcome learning as you built your company. 
  • Being more authentic. Lose the pretty shiny suit that everyone expects CEOs to have. Incorporate storytelling about your life journey.  Don’t pretend to be perfect and allow people to relate to your content. 
  • Speaking to the person – not to the masses. Be open and honest about what you’re offering. Create content in an easy-to-understand language that appeals to individuals. 

2. What are the trends concerning journalists?

  • Knowing your target audience and being a part of it. Create a tone of voice that really speaks to your readers. Determine their interests through social monitoring or survey distribution.
  • Streaming social media or hosting private blogs. Capture the viewers’ attention within the first three seconds. Raise controversial topics in your content and provide quick tangible value for the readers. 

3. How to get your news covered by a journalist?

  • Make sure that your content impacts millions of people. Your message should be big, notable, and relevant. 
  • Generate millions of dollars. Do a survey or marketing research to give a journalist a unique piece of statistics to make the captured article’s headline for earning money. 
  • Relate to the big brands. Make the headline of your piece sound as a clickbait. If you don’t have such information to share yet, just wait and grow your company to go to the big media. In the meantime, create educational articles and start with smaller outlets. 

4. How to build engaging content for TikTok?

  • Go out of your comfort zone. Be comfortable with yourself and be ready to say edgy things to grab the attention of your followers.
  • Capitalize on the controversy. Give provocative facts to call for a lively discussion and engagement. 
  • Provide value. Share something that the viewers could apply in 30 seconds.

Watch the video of the whole panel here.