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COO of LKI Consulting, Maryna Barysheva was invited to speak at the online conference “All things Metaverse”

2022 June 15

LKI Consulting COO Maryna Barysheva was invited to be a speaker at the online conference “All things Metaverse”. In her keynote, she was talking about how brands can enter the Metaverse and not get lost.

3 main things were covered during the keynote:

Key challenges and opportunities for brands to enter the Metaverse

Top 4 challenges

  • Image. Transform the image of Metaverse in the eyes of the community.
  • Analytics. Measure the success of your marketing campaigns.
  • Narratives. Evolve your brand story to work in the virtual space.
  • Resources. Find financials and human resources to enter the metaverse. 


  • Audience growth. It’s easier to target younger audiences (18-35 y.o.) and expand your audience.
  • Low CPA. Cost per acquisition of younger audiences is extremely low.
  • Guerilla marketing. Ability to run cheap guerilla marketing campaigns.
  • AR/VR hardware. High compatibility with modern devices for immersive virtual experiences.
  • Social media access. Possibility to engage heavy social media users without leaving the medium.

Must-know tips for marketing in metaverse 

Engage community long-term.

Build relationships with the audience by creating campaigns that capture interest and promote a sense of belonging. Examples include branded events, virtual contests, guest appearances in other spaces, events with AV/VR elements, and KOLs/influencers campaigns. 

Make your product feel more personal and relatable.

Develop an AI avatar model which will become the face of your brand and engage with the community members on a daily basis.

Make virtual ads a part of the immersive experience.

Integrate ads in the digital event, generate ads that come from user-generated content.  Conduct all virtual content, ask your community to participate, to draw things, to tag you, to record video and based on that you provide advertisement. 

Play on the scarcity and limited time.

Integrate limited access passes, experiment with utility-based NFTs, develop exclusive brand collectibles, and add limited time skins to your product. 

LKI 12-step guide to build a marketing strategy 

Maryna shares our bullet-proof methodology to launching B2B tech & blockchain businesses. Thanks to this guide, we’ve developed over 100 strategies for our Clients, supercharging their growth in the industry. 

Did we capture your attention? Watch the video of the full panel here.