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How creating and developing a personal brand will help increase sales

Selling is the art of persuasion. Of course, having a good product is very important, but research shows that it is not the decisive factor that will make your potential customers say “Yes”. If you want to succeed in sales, you must first learn how to sell your expertise. And to do this, you need a strong personal brand.

Why personal brand is so important

Customers are becoming more and more selective.

But why not, when they have the right to choose from so many offers? Now they do not fall for mass mailings with impersonal and dry letters. That’s why it’s important to treat them like people – not numbers on your sales report. Personal branding will help you reach your customers on a deeper level and make emotional connections.

92% of customers are more likely to trust other people’s recommendations, even if they don’t know them personally when compared to company emails. That statistic clearly shows that brand loyalty and trust are at their lowest point ever.

And this is not surprising, because brands have become faceless and disconnected from people. This is where your carefully crafted personal brand comes in to humanize your company.

Below are a few steps you need to take to develop your personal brand.

1. Build and Maintain Your Reputation

Your reputation is always ahead of you, especially these days when many people practically live online. It is enough to enter your name and the name of your company in a search engine and find out how the Internet community perceives you.

For example, people who visit your site will form an opinion about it in as little as 0.05 seconds and decide whether to stay or close it. Thus, you have very little time to make a stunning first impression.

Similarly, online reviews are especially effective in terms of their impact on how you are perceived by potential customers – 77% of people use reviews to determine whether a company is trustworthy or not.

It is clear that the more your customers trust you, the more likely they are to buy from you. When it comes to improving your image and reputation, you must remember that the devil is in the details.

So, be sure to:

  1. Optimize your social media accounts and remove any inappropriate comments, photos, or posts that might make you look bad. Don’t forget that many people and their careers are ruined after just one tweet;
  2. Create your personal website where you list your accomplishments, interests, track record and other relevant information about you;
  3. Request an URL name similar to yours. This is great for SEO as well as building awareness for your personal brand. It’s also much better to have a unique, memorable URL than a string of letters and numbers.

2. Position yourself as a thought leader in your field

People trust experts and opinion leaders. As a salesperson, you’re probably soaking up every word the world’s top sales gurus have to say, and you’re willing to pay a lot of money to hear them speak at a conference.

That’s why in many commercials and ads you see outstanding professionals. So, one of the best ways to increase your sales is to become an authority in your field.

What is needed for this?

  1. Offer valuable content. Yes, you’ve heard about it a million times, but you can’t stress enough how important it is to have relevant content that addresses the real pains of your target audience and, most importantly, educates them. It is also important for your voice to be heard and stand out among your competitors. One way to achieve it is partnering with reputable digital marketing agencies, like LKI Consulting, capable of producing expert content.
  2. Provide helpful tips. Join various groups and forums on social networks and participate in discussions, sharing your views on current issues. This way, you’ll attract the attention of your colleagues and potential customers and, thereby, demonstrate your experience. Being helpful is critical to sales, and you might even consider it one of the soft selling approaches. People are more likely to give you referral contacts and even buy from you when they realize you really want to help them.
  3. Interact with your audience. Positioning yourself as an opinion leader does not mean that you should only do what you say – it is important to actively listen to what customers are saying and keep the conversation going. By commenting on other people’s posts or asking questions on your LinkedIn or Twitter, you initiate discussion and make connections.

3. Be unique and sincere

“The consumer is not stupid. He is your wife,” said the father of modern advertising, David Ogilvy.

And he was right! His words are still relevant even after more than 50 years. Your clients can always tell if you are sincere or not. So the trick is to be yourself. Otherwise, you risk becoming a cardboard character without a unique personality.

Gary Vaynerchuk showed a great example of how to be authentic: he does not refrain from swearing in his speech. And people like it because they understand that he is just the way he is. This is part of his charm and personality. He has found a way to communicate with his audience using a language they can understand.

4. Be consistent

Consistency is the secret ingredient when it comes to building a personal brand. That’s why posting good content on a regular basis will bring better results over one killer but sporadic article. Simply speaking, if your approach is sloppy and chaotic, you will fall off the radar of your audience.

“Get out of my sight” is a principle that applies here, especially when you consider that over 2 million pieces of content are posted every day. This information noise will drown out your occasional efforts, so be sure to stick to your set posting schedule.

However, consistency also refers to the tone of your voice. If your tone doesn’t match your image, your audience will be taken aback by it and will most likely turn their backs on you. Posting stupid jokes on social media is detrimental to your personal brand if you’re trying to be a serious entrepreneur and sales leader.

Summing up

A well-designed and carefully crafted personal brand can do wonders for your sales. These simple tips for developing your reputation, positioning yourself as an expert, being authentic, and consistent will help you grow a loyal audience, maintain an impeccable reputation, and establish yourself as a professional you can trust. And, of course, close more deals!

And if you’d like to make your brand more successful, reach out to the LKI Consulting team of marketers ready to make your brand shine!

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