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Our Client YouHodler is featured in & NewsBTC

2022 September 13

Marketing services

Laura K. Inamedinova, the CEO of LKI Consulting managed the editorial PR campaign for YouHodler, keeping close communication with the publications and advising on the content angles. 

YouHodler is a European fintech platform providing dual currency services. The investor gets to choose the underlying currency and the deposit currency in addition to the investment amount. 

Since its launch, YouHodler has evolved to become a multifaceted crypto wallet, exchange, yield generation tool, and crypto trading solution. Like Celsius, YouHodler offers yield on crypto deposits but the similarities stop there.

In the recently published media – and NewsBTC, YouHodler commented on the critical topics of profiting in bear markets using dual currency services 💣 The team also provided valuable insights for crypto lenders on improving sustainability after Celcius crash. 

As a result of our proactive editorial PR campaign management, the news about YouHodler’s offering gathered 166M accumulated traffic and 196 organic mentions.

During a live AMA session hosted in September, the CEO of YouHodler Ilya Volkov, also revealed key aspects of YouHodler’s business model that other crypto lenders can use for inspiration.

Some of the publications include:

Marketing services
Marketing services

Congratulations to our Client – YouHodler on sharing the valuable insights and gaining spotlight in the top-tier crypto media!

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