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Our Client Revise ranked in Top3 most read articles on Hackernoon!

2022 September 21

Marketing services

Congratulations to our Client Revise for being featured in Hackernoon! The company’s Co-founder, Raunaq Vaisoha, gave an exclusive interview about programmable NFTs and the trends we’re going to see in the blockchain industry next. 

Revise is an Indian platform that offers a powerful back-end to program NFTs to interact with applications, utilities and data feed. In-built in the Revise system is a validium-based chain that keeps track of the changes made to NFTs over time, enabling your user to see the complete version history.

In the recently published media – Hackernoon, Co-Founder & CEO of Revise, Raunaq Vaisoha commented on the advantages of programmable NFTs for users, the importance of bringing regulations for digital assets and DeFi, the company’s recent partnerships, and future plans. 

Our COO, Maryna Barysheva, managed the PR campaign advising on the content angles and facilitating a constant stream of communication with the publication. As a result, the interview gained over 50K reads and has been featured in the #Top3 most read articles on Hackernoon 🚀


Marketing services

Congratulations to our Client – Revise – on sharing valuable insights and gaining such an appreciation from the Web3 community 💣

A BIG thank you to Revise for their trust in LKI Consulting!

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