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Case of one of the largest
investment funds in the Baltics

One of the key focuses of LKI Consulting is investment and asset management firms. Through digital communications, PR, and thought leadership services, we help funds build a credible public image, attract investors, and stand out from the competition.

The Client

In 2021, we started working with one of the largest Real-Estate (RE) Funds in the Baltics.

The team already had a successful portfolio of landmark properties and a trusted community of investors but wasn’t sure how to communicate their achievements and scale across Eastern Europe.

The Challenge: Raising brand awareness in the pan-European market

Attracting more institutional and retail investors.

The Client targeted to attract more investors to their new fund increasing returns over time.

Raising company awareness
in the pan-European market.

The company wanted to be known as the top choice investment management company in Eastern Europe, specializing in real estate.

Being recognized for sustainability.

The RE fund had a goal to be perceived as one of the most sustainable companies in the region as more and more investors care about ESG standards.

Establishing a spokesperson.

The asset management firm set to associate the company with a well-known industry key opinion leader who could be a spokesperson of the company.

How we solved it: in detail

Stage 1: PR and communications strategy

In 10 weeks, we created a holistic PR and communications strategy that included:

  • Research of 3 competitor marketing activities;
  • Defining target audience (TA) and segmenting it;
  • Positioning and messaging for each TA segment;
  • Detailed PR plan with topics, frequency, and market coverage;
  • Framework for the thought leadership for the company’s spokesperson;
  • A comprehensive communications plan for a year with 4 main channels.

Stage 2: Monthly digital communications retainer

To put the strategy in action, we implemented an open partnership-based digital communications retainer that included three parts:

1. Public Relations &  Thought Leadership:

  • at least 1 PR announcement about the fund’s milestones per month;
  • at least 1 Thought Leadership article in business media per month.

2.  Social Media Management:

  • at least 4 full-length Linkedin posts per month in the company account;
  • at least 4 full-length Linkedin posts per month in the personal company top managers’ accounts (CEO and Investor Relations Manager).

3. LinkedIn lead Generation:

  • reviewing current LinkedIn profile and preparing suggestions for the key sections;
  • gathering criteria for the perfect Clients and finalizing search lists via Sales Navigator;
  • setting up an initial account software program for each Linkedin user;
  • preparing word-by-word outreach scripts with personalized angles;
  • continuous monitoring and data collection for reporting.

Results of the marketing campaigns

Social media

The company became the industry leader in social media engagement (number of likes, comments and shares) and gained 50+% followers in half a year.


Page views increase


Growth in total post engagement


Targeted post impressions growth

The dynamics of incremental followers uplift more than doubled after a new media plan was launched for both, the company and its CEO’s Linkedin accounts:

For the CEO’s Linkedin account, the conversion rate for connecting new followers and getting their additional responses were more than 4x in both cases:

Understanding the viewers’ profiles and what type of content attracts them best helped the company CEO to create more targeted posts – which helped to increase his follower’s engagement in all segments.

Public relations

A proactive media approach also proved effective in increasing the fund’s exposure in the press.


Total publications




Live interviews
and podcasts


Number of

The Client has been featured in

LinkedIn Lead Generation

A proactive media approach also proved effective in increasing the fund’s exposure in the press.


Increase in
CEO’s profile views


conversion rate during 1 month


More local investors respond to the message compared to internationals

After implementing our Linkedin Lead
generation strategy we

Found that LinkedIn Lead Generation brings better when paired with regular social media posting and thought leadership building.

Majority of new CEO connections became followers of the company’s Linkedin account. The total number of followers grew by 50% in 8 months.

The average connection and reply conversion rates were above the B2B good performance standards – 42% and 9% accordingly.

Key insights from the marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing

  • Leveraging other established audiences to build a following is one of the best ways to gather a community from the ground up. 
  • Organic influencer campaigns with high involvement achieve the best results in terms of followership and building brand awareness. 

Social media

  • Timing can make or break the content strategy. Engagement with a target audience increased 3x when we moved to daily release on US time on Twitter. 
  • People trust and believe in people, not brands, which is why personalizing social media with real and authentic photos, videos, and engagement with KOLs of the team was key in building a devoted audience from zero.

Video creation 

  • Videos perform much more effectively for engagement and attracting followership than any other type of content. 
  • Creating videos with value in mind and repurposing them across all channels were key in keeping the newfound audience engaged and staying for more. 
  • Combining consistent posting schedule with short-form video content on Twitter helps increase engagement and reach by 4-5 times.

This project was managed by

This project has been managed by Maria Biveine, a Project Manager of LKI Consulting. Maria maintained regular communication with the DeGate team through weekly check-ins and monthly meetings with an overview of all activities. She ensured a transparent process and workflow with strategy and content creation, influencer management, and visual design assistance.

Maria Biveine

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