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As a top-rated crypto SEO marketing agency, we believe that great SEO is all about high-quality backlinks and content. With our multi-year experience, we have achieved an average monthly DR growth of 26+ points for our clients globally.

Our crypto SEO team brings a range of tools to bring your website to the front page of Google. 

Our crypto SEO marketing services include deep keyword research, engaging and SEO-optimized blog creation, high-quality backlink acquisition, and more. 

We use tested tactics to optimize your website, increase traffic, and attract more users and investors to your Web3 project.

Here’s what you gain by building your crypto SEO

Increase your organic traffic

Gain more visibility on search engines such as Google or Bing. With the right crypto SEO marketing strategy you will appear higher in search results, which means more traffic and potential leads coming to your site.

Become more competitive

Rank higher than competitors in search engine results. As you rank higher for top keywords in your industry, your project gets more visibility than your competition. A strong crypto SEO marketing strategy allows you to stand out.

PR and communications

Become an authority figure in the crypto space by consistently appearing on top of search results. Our crypto SEO services unlock backlink acquisition from high-authority sites, which boosts your site status even more.

Establish a lasting search presence

Invest in crypto SEO services that bring long-term gains in traffic. As a crypto SEO marketing agency, we help you optimize your site to consistently bring new audiences as organic traffic and your DR grow.

Optimize your marketing costs

Save money on your marketing strategy by investing in a cost-efficient crypto SEO. In the long run, search engine optimization tends to bring higher ROI than paid advertising. This allows you to cut costs while growing site traffic.

Grow engagement with your brand

Optimize your web copy and blog content to reach new audiences, users, and investors. Our crypto SEO services allow you to not only grow your traffic but also build an engaged community via visible and highly compelling content.

3 steps to a successful crypto SEO strategy

Here’s how we optimize your website’s SEO for more traffic

Stage 1

Website audit

We begin crypto SEO by doing an audit of your current website to measure its performance. It enables us to identify key areas of improvement. As a result, our crypto SEO marketing agency can then develop an optimal SEO strategy. We aim to increase your traffic and bring potential leads to your site consistently.

Stage 2

On-site SEO

A strong crypto SEO strategy also needs expert keyword research and high-quality content production such as high-quality web copy and blog posts. It helps your website bring traffic and leads consistently. We also use crypto technical SEO to optimize your site for speed and make your content more visible.

Stage 3

Off-site SEO

Authority backlink strategy is one of our key crypto SEO services. We make contact with trusted Web3 sites and get them to link to your site. This improves your domain rating (DR) on search engines, making your website more trustworthy. Your organic traffic increases too as crypto SEO makes your website more visible.

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Why do you need crypto SEO building services?
Increase your traffic

Projects that use a range of marketing tools win in the Web3 space. Crypto search engine optimization helps you appear higher in search engine results, drive more organic traffic, and attract new users and investors to your project.

Achieve better ROI

If you want to cut costs and still achieve growth objectives, SEO can help. In the long run, crypto SEO can deliver higher returns on your marketing spend than PPC advertising. This helps you increase traffic in a cost-efficient way.

Outperform competition

You can go unnoticed in a vast pool of other projects without a robust crypto SEO strategy. When we optimize your website’s SEO, you will get seen first and rank higher in search results, above your competition.


It’s a marketing agency that helps Web3 projects increase their organic traffic by optimizing their crypto SEO. It offers a set of crypto SEO services, including website SEO audits for crypto projects, keyword research, link building, and content optimized for SEO. The agency’s main goal is to raise your organic traffic from search results, which leads to more potential users and investors coming to your project.

LKI Consulting is a leading crypto SEO marketing agency that offers top 1% crypto marketing solutions to over 252+ clients in the Web3 space. We have a dedicated team of experts who have industry knowledge, research expertise, and close relationships with trustworthy Web3 sites. This helps us develop an effective crypto SEO marketing strategy to increase organic traffic and the number of leads to your site. Throughout its history, LKI Consulting achieved a strong monthly DR increase of 26+ points on average for our clients worldwide.

It’s extremely difficult to compete in a crowded Web3 space without a visible presence in search engine results, such as Google. With the help of an expert crypto SEO marketing agency your website and content can rank higher in searches than your competitors. Your audience sees your content first and eventually turns into users and investors, allowing you to compete more effectively.

Crypto search engine optimization is a long-term strategy, meaning that it takes time to see the results. Crypto ads can bring quicker results.

However, optimizing your crypto SEO brings a higher ROI in the long term. As paid advertising can be costly, SEO tends to provide a cost-efficient alternative for growing your traffic and audience.

Ultimately, both strategies need to be combined to compete successfully in the Web3 space. As a leading crypto SEO marketing agency we will advise you on the ways you can combine these strategies and grow your organic traffic efficiently.

We tailor our services to each client individually – for a more precise quote, contact us.

SEO For Crypto By Skilled Technicians

Is your goal to become more visible online in the cutthroat world of cryptocurrencies? Then make a direct route to LKI Consulting, the top crypto SEO agency in the industry, renowned for their proficiency, track record of success, and top-notch offerings. Our team of astute professionals is an SEO for cryptocurrency virtuoso, ensuring improved search ranks and a spike in natural site traffic.

We at LKI Consulting are not your typical digital marketing company. Nope, our focus is squarely on the cryptocurrency sector, which offers us a competitive edge in optimizing your website for search engines. With their extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency sector, our astute IT experts are able to create crypto SEO methods that will make you stand out like a diamond in the rough. Additionally, we take care of each client as though they are the only one in the sea, attending to their particular wants and goals. So why not join the LKI group and stand out from the crowd instead of settling for average?

Prepare yourself for some incredible outcomes when you work with LKI Consulting. Our team of tech experts has an incredible track record of boosting our clients’ internet visibility and driving tons of natural traffic to their websites. We constantly stay one step ahead of the game by following the newest trends and algorithms, making us akin to SEO superheroes. We have the knowledge and resources to help you succeed whether you’re new to the crypto space or an experienced player.

The selection of crypto SEO services at LKI Consulting is as specialized as a suit made just for the cryptocurrency business. We provide all the resources you need to improve your website’s on-page SEO and search engine rankings, from finding those magic keywords to boosting it. Together, you and our team of tech specialists will create a customized SEO plan that not only achieves the mark but also performs well.

The Number 1 Crypto SEO Agency by Performance

For companies looking to improve their online visibility with cryptocurrency SEO, LKI Consulting is the best option available. Our track record speaks for itself—our team of specialists is dedicated to giving our clients exceptional results. You can rely on LKI Consulting to help you navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency SEO and increase the exposure of your website.

What Constitutes An Effective Cryptocurrency SEO Plan?

Having a strong strategy SEO for crypto currency becomes crucial when the competition heats up to ensure that stakeholders and potential consumers can reach your website with ease. So, what makes a fantastic digital currencies SEO plan, one might wonder? Let’s explore two crucial components that have the potential to increase the visibility and traffic to your website.

Smart Links

Link building is like building a stylish and sturdy skyscraper in the digital world. You want your links to be smart, like a classy fashionista who knows what’s up. Obtaining high-quality backlinks from reliable sources is crucial for virtual currency websites. It improves the status of your website and increases the likelihood that it will stand out on search engine results pages, much like hanging out with the cool kids at the crypto party.

By sprinkling some smart links into your content, you not only make your site look legit and reliable, but you also attract the right kind of crowd. Think of it as hosting a fancy soirée for all the search engines and internet users. These links can drive targeted traffic to your site, creating buzz and turning visitors into loyal fans. Just like cleaning out your closet, remember to weed out any sketchy links that could tarnish your website’s rep. You want only the finest backlinks in your collection – quality over quantity, darling.

Core Web Vitals & UX Analysis

Don’t forget about the all-important task of sprucing up your website for both core web vitals and user experience (UX) when crafting a killer SEO crypto strategy. Core web vitals are like Google’s secret formula for evaluating loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. You’ll improve user experience and look amazing in search engine results if you master these measures.

Through a comprehensive analysis of your website’s user experience (UX), you may identify areas of concern and optimize its operation. It is recommended to improve the website’s navigation, speed up page loading, and ensure that the mobile version is optimized. By prioritizing the user experience, you may design an engaging website that will entice users to return frequently and seek more.

What About Google Ads?

Are you wondering if Google Ads could be the final piece in your marketing puzzle? Be at ease! LKI Consulting will help you maximize your return on investment by serving as your reliable resource in the wide world of online advertising. We’ll create a Google Ads campaign that perfectly suits your needs and budget thanks to our outstanding track record.

Why is Google AdWords the best option? To precisely target your desired audience, it’s like having a magic wand. You may target those who are most likely to be interested in your goods by choosing the right demographics and keywords for your ads. By encouraging more sales, this laser-focused approach can raise revenue and conversion rates. Our SEO agency for cryptocurrency will help you to go ahead and try it!

Keep an eye on your campaign in real time and quickly make changes as needed. Make quick adjustments as needed after evaluating success with the help of comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Take charge of your marketing initiatives and achieve greater success than previously. Because of its agility and openness, Google Ads differentiates from other traditional advertising techniques by allowing you to modify your results for maximum impact.

Does LKI Have Proven Blockchain SEO Case Studies?

LKI Consulting is the expert you should contact if you’re looking for an excellent cryptocurrency SEO consultant. With years of expertise under our belt, we possess the abilities and know-how to turn your SEO visions into reality and dramatically increase your online visibility.

Don’t just take our word for it, though; explore our outstanding blockchain SEO case studies to witness the wonders for yourself. Our success stories speak volumes, with clients hitting the jackpot in search engine rankings and drawing in droves of organic traffic to their websites.

Increase Your Profits With An SEO Consultant

By working with LKI Consulting, you receive access to a specialized team of professionals who are committed to assisting you in achieving your business objectives. Our top-tier services, such as keyword research and SEO audits, are intended to increase your online exposure and produce actual results. Choosing our expertise is a wise investment in your business’s success. But our offerings go beyond simple services. We design customized plans tailored to your needs & provide support for success. LKI Consulting specializes in digital marketing, improving SEO, increasing traffic, & enhancing conversion rates. You can rely on us to finish it.

FAQ about Cryptocurrency SEO

Discover the answers to common questions about SEO cryptocurrency to gain a comprehensive understanding of its functionality and potential outcomes.

When should we expect to see results from our crypto SEO strategy?

Your virtual currency SEO efforts may provide a wide range of results, contingent upon elements such as website authority, content quality, and keyword competitiveness. In most cases, you’ll notice some progress in a matter of weeks to months. However, if you’re hoping for significant outcomes, you may have to wait a few months to a year to see the full effects of your bitcoin SEO campaign. Recall that just as Rome wasn’t created in a day, neither can an effective digital marketing strategy!

There are features of SEO optimization and website promotion in the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche. These industries are currently highly competitive. This implies that you will have to create a plan that will enable you to differentiate yourself from the throng of rivals, and we will assist you in doing so. A great SEO strategy is built on the creation of high-quality content. Your content should be informative, authoritative, and relevant. This could be articles, news, reviews, analytics and other content related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. When you cooperate with us, we will take care of all these points.

How does Crypto SEO work?

Consider SEO in cryptocurrency digital marketing to be the fashionable relative of traditional SEO, with the aim of increasing the exposure of your website inside the cryptocurrency realm. Finding the ideal cryptocurrency keywords to wow your audience and creating exceptional content around them are the key to success. And don’t forget to snuggle up for some backlink love on those hip digital currency sites. Furthermore, it never hurts to enhance your tech game with meta tags and slick site speed. It’s similar to giving your website a hip redesign for the cryptocurrency set.

How much does crypto SEO cost?

The complexity of your project, the amount of work needed, and the agency’s level of experience will all affect how much cryptocurrency SEO services will cost. A few hundred to several thousand dollars a month can be spent on services; some organizations provide one-time project costs in lieu of monthly retainers. To choose the right pricing plan for your needs, it’s critical to talk about your unique objectives and financial constraints with our trustworthy SEO company.

How do Coinpresso conduct a crypto SEO strategy?

At Coinpresso, we boost our clients’ SEO for cryptocurrency games by taking a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach. We can handle everything, from doing in-depth keyword research to creating compelling content that appeals to readers to optimizing on-page components like headers and meta tags. Not to mention those vital backlinks from major cryptocurrency players – after all, our goal is to increase ranks and get that delicious organic traffic.

Are you looking for crypto marketing & SEO services that generate game-changing results?

Are you ready to come to the next level via cryptocurrency SEO agencies? If you’re looking for excellent SEO and cryptocurrency marketing services, go no further than working with LKI Consulting. Our seasoned team of professionals has the know-how, clout, and sway necessary to elevate your brand in the thriving cryptocurrency business and push you to the top of search engine rankings.


You should never accept mediocrity from your internet presence. Find out how our customized digital currency SEO tactics may transform your company and produce ground-breaking outcomes. Together, let’s seize the opportunity for unmatched success in the cryptocurrency space.

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Ready to jump in the world of marketing?

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Ready to jump in the world of marketing?

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Chief Happiness Officer & Supervisor

8+ years of experience

Feja is the Chief Happiness Officer & Supervisor of LKI Consulting whose main job is to bring happiness to our team and Clients.

Feja is a mix-breed rescue from “LESE” animal shelter, and she is one of the crucial team members of LKI Consulting. 

At LKI Consulting she is responsible for supervising the whole team, asking for pets, and offering her unique perspective which usually ends in a game of ‘no-take, only throw’.

Alexandra Murha

Operations Coordinator

1+ year of experience

Alexandra Murha is the Operations Coordinator of LKI Consulting who ensures operations processes in the Agency run smoothly. 

Currently, Alexandra assists the LKI Consulting team members with the management of daily operational activities, performing administrative tasks, and coordinating weekly communications with Clients. 

At LKI Consulting, she is responsible for managing Marketing Associates, conducting research, and providing operational support across multiple Client initiatives.



Digital Strategist

8+ years of experience

Milda Vilkaitis is the Digital Strategist of LKI Consulting specializing in the digital marketing industry with an organic focus. 

Currently, Milda disrupted the traditional SEO approach, and offered startups or established businesses custom-tailored experience that delivers long-term results. 

At LKI Consulting she is responsible for helping businesses gain authority, and visibility, obtain a stronger market position in their industry, and ultimately generate new quality leads through the power of SEO (ASO included).

Akvile Mikalauskaite

Graphic designer

10+ years of experience

Akvile Mikalauskaite is the Art Director of LKI Consulting.

During the last 10 years, she directed 150+ design projects focusing on Fintech, Tech, and Web3 Clients, helping them with visual representation. 

Akvile is the creative soul behind the greatest brand books that LKI Consulting has created.

Viktorija Domarkaite

Creative Project Manager, 

10+ years of experience

Viktorija Domarkaite is a Creative Projects Manager of LKI Consulting. For the last 10+ years, she has managed the visual representation of B2B and B2C clients from 15 countries. 

Currently, Viktorija has 300+ projects in her portfolio with specialization on Fintech, Crypto, and Advertising segments. 

At LKI Consulting, she is responsible for turning our Client’s creative ideas into both functional and aesthetic web, UX/UI, graphic, and motion design aligned with the brand.

Maryna Barysheva


5+ years of experience

Maryna Barysheva is a COO of LKI Consulting specializing in deep tech, layer 1, Defi, and SaaS. 

After working with blockchain projects from 15+ countries and managing marketing for Interactio – a 100-M valued B2B tech startup – she knows what it takes to develop a winning external communications, brand awareness, and global GTM strategy.

Maryna also frequently makes appearances on international panel discussions and delivers keynotes on the latest marketing trends. Apart from her public speaking engagements, she mentors young startup entrepreneurs on business development, operations, and growth.

Sarunas Papinigis


15+ years of experience

Sarunas Papinigis is a partner of LKI Consulting who focuses on fintech and investment companies. He is responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies, market survey and data analytics. 

During the last 10 years, he created and developed customer loyalty programs ranging between 1-20M members for top retail chains in Asia and Europe and generating 2-10% sales and profit uplift.

In previous 15 years, he worked in various sales positions in Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever and GSK while building the sales distribution from scratch.

Laura K. Inamedinova

Founder & CEO

8+ years of experience

Laura K. Inamedinova is a Founder & CEO of LKI Consulting who takes no bullshit attitude to business. Thanks to her exquisite data-driven strategies and fresh outlook on the Web3 space, she helped her Clients grow x10 and raise over $1B.

A former contributor of Forbes and Huffington Post, she has been recognized internationally among Top 10 Women Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost acclaimed PR expert, Top 10 Women in International Business by SiliconValleyTimes. 

Inamedinova is the voice of over 129 conferences in 17+ countries around the globe.