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Our Client’s successes need no hard selling

Success story #2

Reaching 50K+ neobank user sign-ups in 3 months


Neobank sign-ups upon launch


Total Twitter impressions


Cost per verified user


New organic followers
Total Neobank users
Total user sign-ups acquired by tactics

Success story #1

95K+ game downloads with an average CPR of $0.32


Total game downloads


Total number of ad impressions


Average cost per download


Twitter community growth
Total spent on ads
$13 824
Total game downloads acquired
Services we provide
We help you hack growth with marketing that works

Strategy development

Find a clear direction for your business growth with marketing, communications, content, social media, or thought leadership strategy. Get research-driven insights with clear execution steps.

Social media

With strategic social media management, we take away your pain of keeping socials alive. From plan to content to visuals to analytics. Results? Up to 130% organic growth for our Clients within 90 days.

Public relations

Grow your media exposure and get featured in top-tier international and local media. We secured 3752+ unique pieces of media coverage for our Clients through organic pitching, paid, and editorial PR.

Pitch deck development

Take no chances before your fundraising process and get a pitch deck that raises money – not impressions. We’ve developed 298+ unique pitch decks, helping our Clients fundraise over $1B+ in total.


Attract more community members and promote your product with the help of industry influencers. From macro to micro influencers – we take ownership of the influencer marketing process.

Engagement campaigns

Diversify your community through engagement campaigns. We organize airdrops, giveaways, competitions for the user-generated content, and AMAs so you can focus on what’s important. 

Token/Project/Product launch

Bring your idea to market and outsource the launch to an experienced team. We finetune your product concept, conduct market analysis, plan all marketing activities, and execute them. 

Demand generation

Create brand awareness and demand for your product. We mix traditional demand generation tactics with growth hacking activities to help you achieve more in less time.

Content development

Have any copywriting needs covered. Website, blog posts, press announcements, advertising – you name it. All our content is original, SEO-optimized, and revised to perfection.

Lead generation

Replace your old lead generation method with personalized automated outreach on LinkedIn. Our Clients go from an average of 18% responses from cold leads to 47% positive connections. 

Thought leadership

Build your personal brand and become a credible voice in the industry. From speaking engagements to social media to press presence – we make your name stand out among competition.

Digital ads

Expand your Client base with data-driven digital ads. We help you pick between Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok ads and execute campaigns from creative and technical sides. 

Strategy development

Find a clear direction for your business growth with marketing, communications, content, social media, or thought leadership strategy. Get research-driven insights with clear execution steps.

Social media

With strategic social media management, we take away your pain of keeping socials alive. From plan to content to visuals to analytics. Results? Up to 130% organic growth for our Clients within 90 days.

Public relations

Grow your media exposure and get featured in top-tier international and local media. We secured 3752+ unique pieces of media coverage for our Clients through organic pitching, paid, and editorial PR.
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How we work
We pride ourselves on following clear methodologies that maximize value. Below is our transparent process for onboarding companies in no time

Step 1

Application process

Apply to work with us and jump on a discovery call. Tell us where you want to be in 6 months and get a transparent proposal. 

Then? We select you and you select us.

Step 2

Strategy preparation

You help us understand your business model in-and-out. We research your competition and prepare a clear strategic plan.

Step 3

3-months collaboration

Real results take time. After the strategy preparation, we start a 3-month trial period. This is the time for you to see initial results and check out the vibe of working together.

Step 4

Long-term partnership

If you love the last 3 months with the LKI team, we extend our agreement and keep scaling your business.
Why go with LKI for
Choose track record built on integrity
We focus exclusively on tech marketing.

We dedicated our careers to marketing fast-paced tech products, accumulating the best know-how industry has to offer.

We sell what we can deliver.

We don’t guarantee results to close deals and show our work openly.

We take personal judgment from the equation.

We make marketing decisions based on data driven from reliable samples. Nothing personal - just numbers.

We were here before most Agencies.

We were one of the first to believe in the power of blockchain, helping decentralized projects go to market.

Invest in the process tested 252 times
We’re fully transparent about our processes.

Get a realistic timeline and offer with no hidden fees. We tested our methodology with 252+ Clients and standardized every process we execute.

We build your strategy and then execute it.

With LKI, you work both with a CMO on-demand and a trained well-functioning team who executes the plan. No extra costs spent on management, training, and onboarding in-house people.

We help you decide what you need.

We candidly recommend the marketing services for best results. It’s not about what you want. It’s about tactics your business will benefit from the most.

We free your time while keeping you a part of the process.

We involve you in the most important brainstorming stages. Even when you outsource your entire marketing engine, you’re in the loop of your business growth.

Our Clients' experience
speaks for itself

Hear what companies we work with have to say about us

I am very glad to have worked with outstanding and hard-working marketers at LKI Consulting. They are remarkable at what they do. I highly recommend working with them!

Ričardas Sablovskis
Founder & CEO

LKI Consulting are Public Relations experts, who like to get things done.



Nikki Lagerweij
Marketing Manager

LKI Consulting did a great job understanding our core values and communicating it to the media.

Domantas Jaškūnas

I highly recommend LKI Consulting – their fast pace of work, team-oriented approach and high level of excellence will bring success to any project they will pursue in the future.

Laimonas Noreika
CEO & Co-founder

The fast turnaround, clear communication, and constant expansion of services are what sets LKI apart from other companies. The latest brand book she prepared for us was exceptionally on point.

Vaida Saltenyte
Head of Partnerships

We have worked with LKI Team on branding, graphic design, and UX/UI, coming back twice with big projects due to a high-quality service. I’m sure we’ll keep working with LKI on our future needs for the visual identity.

Artūras Bobinas
Business Development

LKI Consulting does not just perform the job you require to be done from them but acts as a consultant more than just a service provider. A true recommendation if you don’t want to take risks and expect absolute quality.

Christof Waton
Founder & CEO

LKI provided Colu with excellent service! They understood our needs, looked for the best PR solutions for us, and maintained continuous communication and transparency throughout the process.

Ortal Tevel

We worked with LKI Team for over 4 months now, and they helped us crystallise our positioning, put together a bullet-proof marketing strategy, and get PR coverage fast. LKI Consulting is a great fit for fast-paced Web3 projects looking to scale!

Mickael Canu

Typically, we work with three branches: 

  1. Web3 projects, including but not limited to infrastructure (Layer 1/2 projects), Decentralized Exchanges, NFTs, and mining projects.  
  2. B2B Tech, especially fintech and SaaS. 
  3. Funds such as VCs, Blockchain-focused, and asset management firms.

Every business is different, and we don’t put timestamps on results. However, an average timeline for most of our portfolio Clients is 3 months.

We do not try to win Clients with low fees. LKI Team invests in the success of the businesses we work with and takes full ownership for the results of your marketing campaigns. That is why our monthly project fees start from $5,000 and can range up to $25,000 depending on your unique needs. 

We implement two pricing models: project-based (quoted for on-demand services) and retainer-based (set monthly fee for regular services).

We are privileged to have come to a point in our Agency when we select the projects we work with based on the personality fit, scaling potential, and market share. 

It is important for us to work with companies who treat us and their customers with the same respect, integrity, and trust we do as a team.

We’d hate to be Jack-of-all-trades as our track record lies in scaling Web3 & Tech businesses. That’s why, at the moment, we work exclusively with blockchain, B2B/B2C tech, VCs, and asset managers.

You don’t. If there’s any Agency out there who guarantees you results, we’re sorry but you’re getting scammed. Marketing is all about testing and learning from your experiments. 

Here’s why we have what it takes to make you succeed: 

    1. Track record. We worked with 252+ projects from 17+ countries with a total valuation of $72B. 
    2. Personalized solutions. We vigorously test multiple marketing tactics until we unlock growth opportunities. All our engagements start with strategic sessions, research, and target audience analysis allowing us to tailor solutions to your unique situation.
    3. Ownership. We’re personally invested in the success of your marketing campaign and take responsibility for the progress every step of the way.

Crypto Marketing: Definition and New Strategies You Can Use For Business Growth

Since the crypto sector has grown significantly in popularity recently, there is a greater demand than ever for efficient marketing plans to promote cryptocurrencies and related initiatives. Crypto marketing services are essential to raising these initiatives’ profile, legitimacy, and acceptance rate.

Understanding Crypto Marketing Services

Crypto marketing services encompass a dazzling array of tricks and techniques tailored to boost the worth of cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects, or services that navigate the thrilling world of crypto business. These promotional maneuvers are a must-have in the fiercely cutthroat crypto arena, as they lay the groundwork for gathering devoted users, fostering unwavering trust, and shining the spotlight on your brand.

Critical Components of Crypto Marketing Services

  • Managing social media platforms well to interact with the intended audience, create a community, and share advancements, updates, and value propositions.
  • Joining forces with esteemed individuals or prominent organizations in cryptocurrency to tap into their fame, credibility, and expansive networks. 
  • Crafting exceptional content for blogs, infographics, videos, and articles to enlighten, educate, and lure fresh minds – because enlightening the masses is not for the faint of heart!
  • Interacting with the project’s participants, answering their questions, offering assistance, and promoting community.
  • Preserving the project’s reputation and image via media relations, outreach, and positive news coverage.
  • To efficiently reach the specified audience, use social media networks, relevant cryptocurrency websites, and targeted adverts on platforms like Google.
  • Taking part in conferences and events pertaining to cryptocurrency and working with appropriate partners to increase exposure and trustworthiness.

Choosing the Right Crypto Marketing Services for Your Project

  • Selecting a team with adeptness in the crypto industry is imperative! Seek out crypto marketing companies or experts well-versed in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the core tenets of decentralized finance.
  • Seek out services with a shimmering reputation for championing crypto projects. Delve into their portfolio and client testimonials to measure their wizardry level. A chronicle of victorious campaigns and contented clients speaks volumes about their knack for producing results.
  • Make sure the service you pick is totally in the know about the coolest trends, juiciest news, and quirkiest transformations in the industry. They’ve got to be quick on their feet and ready to revamp their strategy so your project can stay hippest and hottest in town. Finding a marketing service that constantly indulges in market analysis, snoops around the competition, and stays on top of those oh-so-modern platforms is crucial.
  • A top-notch crypto marketing company knows that clear and open communication is key. Expect a frequent dose of progress updates, mind-blowing insights, and delightful reports to keep you plugged into the happenings of your project.

Curiously analyze the price tags bestowed by various agencies or experts and juxtapose them with the fascinating array of services they bring forth.

Finding a Fitting Crypto Marketing Services Agency

Playing detective on an agency’s reputation is important if you want top-notch and dependable services. Please take a peek at their past achievements, snoop around for shining client testimonials, and stalk their online presence to uncover their level of credibility. Regarding crypto marketing services, you need the crème de la crème. They should be crypto-savvy, fashionably updated on industry trends, and armed with a truckload of experience promoting projects like champs.

Reviewing the agency’s portfolio and case studies offers a backstage pass to their previous shenanigans and how they rocked the stage in achieving project goals. Considering the budget is crucial when selecting a crypto marketing services agency. Remember, while keeping an eye on the budget is vital, settling for subpar services that sacrifice quality and effectiveness is a big no-no!

Consider giving your utmost attention to LKI Consulting, an esteemed crypto marketing agency that truly sets itself apart as the ultimate provider of top-notch crypto marketing services. With a proven track record of successful marketing campaigns for numerous crypto projects, LKI Consulting offers comprehensive solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements.

Marketing & Communications Crypto Marketing Services to Elevate Your Project

Strategy Development

Crafting an all-encompassing marketing strategy holds immense significance for every crypto venture. A meticulous approach involves pinpointing specific markets, comprehending consumer requirements, and establishing a unique brand identity. By delineating a well-defined strategy, one can effectively position the project in the proper sphere, establish clear marketing objectives, and develop a roadmap for seamless execution. Examining the competitive landscape while distinguishing our project from rivals is imperative to secure an advantageous edge.

Social Media

Crypto projects must utilize social media platforms to solidify their brand identity, build genuine relationships, and attract potential investors. Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and LinkedIn provide remarkable opportunities to share the latest news swiftly, interact with the community, and promptly address any queries or worries. By embracing these platforms, your project will gain the strength to flourish amidst the fierce competition in the crypto world, securing the recognition it truly merits.

Public Relations

Representatives of a reliable crypto marketing firm understand the significance of interacting with credible media outlets and influential figures in the industry. This strategic approach is not only pivotal in generating positive coverage but also in bolstering brand reputation. One may significantly shape and influence the story around a project by gaining solid connections with journalists and influencers, releasing press releases, and setting up interviews. To develop unwavering credibility, however, it is crucial to preserve sincerity and transparency.

Pitch Deck Development

A skillfully designed pitch deck is crucial to captivating potential investors and guaranteeing financial support. This documentation must explicitly present the project’s value proposition, competitive edge, market potential, and scope for growth. An irresistible pitch deck grabs investors’ attention while showcasing the project’s vision, team, and roadmap for triumph. It is vital to effectively and succinctly communicate the exceptional selling points.

KOLs/Influencers Engagement

Cryptocurrency ventures frequently join forces with influencers to amplify the reach of their projects among a vast audience. By harnessing these individuals’ immense influence and credibility, projects can significantly bolster their brand visibility, cultivate trust, and allure potential investors. Nevertheless, it is crucial to carefully select influencers who resonate with the project’s core values and possess authentic ties within the community.

Engagement Campaigns

These incredible services are masterfully crafted to ignite enthusiasm and anticipation for your remarkable crypto project. Engage and captivate your audience with exhilarating contests, thrilling giveaways, and irresistible airdrops – poised to skyrocket your project’s success! 

Token/Project/Product Launch

Before launch, exhilarating the masses with tantalizing hints, establishing a dedicated website, launching influential social media campaigns, and actively engaging in industry events are essential pre-launch marketing undertakings. Once launched, an unwavering commitment to ongoing marketing endeavors becomes imperative to keep the momentum going and guarantee steadfast growth.

Demand Generation

In order to successfully attract potential investors and users, one must employ a combination of strategic partnerships, targeted advertising, and effective community engagement. The true experts of a crypto marketing service understand the significance of collaborating with other projects or businesses within the crypto industry, as it aids in broadening our reach and accessing untapped markets.

Content Development

Crypto projects can effectively showcase their unparalleled knowledge, tackle market hurdles, and provide profound perspectives on their groundbreaking solutions. All this is possible due to utilizing diverse forms of content such as blog posts, articles, whitepapers, videos, and podcasts. Such a strategic approach establishes the project as a reliable industry leader and instills trust and confidence among the masses.

Lead Generation

By leveraging lead magnet campaigns, email marketing, targeted outreach, and events, it becomes achievable to pinpoint promising investors and swiftly convert them into enthusiastic participants. The key lies in offering invaluable resources and exclusive access, enabling cryptocurrency projects to capture leads and diligently nurture them through the sales funnel.

Digital Ads

These solutions can be a powerful asset in reaching a broader audience and fostering significant interactions. With platforms such as Google Ads and social media advertising, crypto projects gain access to precise targeting features, enabling them to customize their messages for specific audiences. 

Additional Marketing Tips

You should pay more attention to email marketing because it’s still one of the finest ways to nurture leads and maintain a strong relationship with your audience. By setting up an email list, you may regularly notify subscribers about new products, market trends, and exclusive deals.

Conversions and brand recall can both be greatly increased by sending personalized emails. Building a community around your cryptocurrency project is essential to increasing interest and retaining users. Cryptocurrency airdrops aim to spark interest in and excitement about your project by giving away free tokens to a specific audience. Using airdrops, you can expand your network, draw in new investors, and increase your visibility.

Stand Out from the Crowd: Upgrade Your Visual Identity with Branding & Design

  • Your brand is more than just your color palette or logo; it represents your company’s overall image to the public. Establishing a cohesive and consistent visual identity across several media is made possible by brand development. Design elements that complement your brand’s voice can be chosen by clearly identifying your brand’s values and characteristics. Your audience will be able to recognize and relate to your brand with ease thanks to this unshakable consistency, which will build loyalty and trust.
  • UX design places paramount importance on creating a faultless and enchanting user experience, whereas UI design focuses on enhancing the visual elements of a website or app. By integrating intuitive navigation, captivating aesthetics, and interactive features, you possess the potential to fabricate an unforgettable and captivating website or application.
  • Achieving a flawless visual identity across diverse platforms is effortlessly possible through the utilization of pre-made templates. Whether you’re designing social media posts or email campaigns, these template gems are the ultimate time and effort savers while upholding a sleek and unified appearance for your brand. Such unwavering consistency enhances your brand’s credibility and heightens its recognition among your esteemed audience.
  • A well-designed website is the cornerstone of your internet presence. It serves as an online shop where prospective clients may learn important details about your company, goods, and services.
  • Logo motion symbolizes an animated and dynamic rendition of your logo. Showcasing your brand’s innovative and progressive essence helps you stand out from your competitors.
  • Incorporating captivating illustrations into your visual identity adds a distinctive touch, breathing life into your brand. Whether it’s tailor-made illustrations or eye-catching icons, they possess the power to effectively communicate intricate ideas, evoke emotions, and showcase your core values.
  • Whitepapers are powerful and enlightening documents affirming your expertise and position as a thought leader. Expertly crafted whitepapers exemplify professionalism and instill trust.


Investing in these critical elements empowers you to forge a commanding presence, cultivate unwavering faith, and showcase unparalleled proficiency in your field. This, in turn, draws in and fosters a steadfast clientele.


Understanding the distinctive qualities of the cryptocurrency industry is necessary for the specialist subject of crypto marketing. Crypto marketing agencies may efficiently promote items, increase exposure, and spur growth by implementing innovative ideas specifically targeted to the cryptocurrency sector. To learn more about how LKI Consulting can help you put these methods into practice and succeed in the cryptocurrency market, schedule a call with us.

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Ready to jump in the world of marketing?

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Ready to jump in the world of marketing?

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Chief Happiness Officer & Supervisor

8+ years of experience

Feja is the Chief Happiness Officer & Supervisor of LKI Consulting whose main job is to bring happiness to our team and Clients.

Feja is a mix-breed rescue from “LESE” animal shelter, and she is one of the crucial team members of LKI Consulting. 

At LKI Consulting she is responsible for supervising the whole team, asking for pets, and offering her unique perspective which usually ends in a game of ‘no-take, only throw’.

Alexandra Murha

Operations Coordinator

1+ year of experience

Alexandra Murha is the Operations Coordinator of LKI Consulting who ensures operations processes in the Agency run smoothly. 

Currently, Alexandra assists the LKI Consulting team members with the management of daily operational activities, performing administrative tasks, and coordinating weekly communications with Clients. 

At LKI Consulting, she is responsible for managing Marketing Associates, conducting research, and providing operational support across multiple Client initiatives.



Digital Strategist

8+ years of experience

Milda Vilkaitis is the Digital Strategist of LKI Consulting specializing in the digital marketing industry with an organic focus. 

Currently, Milda disrupted the traditional SEO approach, and offered startups or established businesses custom-tailored experience that delivers long-term results. 

At LKI Consulting she is responsible for helping businesses gain authority, and visibility, obtain a stronger market position in their industry, and ultimately generate new quality leads through the power of SEO (ASO included).

Akvile Mikalauskaite

Graphic designer

10+ years of experience

Akvile Mikalauskaite is the Art Director of LKI Consulting.

During the last 10 years, she directed 150+ design projects focusing on Fintech, Tech, and Web3 Clients, helping them with visual representation. 

Akvile is the creative soul behind the greatest brand books that LKI Consulting has created.

Viktorija Domarkaite

Creative Project Manager, 

10+ years of experience

Viktorija Domarkaite is a Creative Projects Manager of LKI Consulting. For the last 10+ years, she has managed the visual representation of B2B and B2C clients from 15 countries. 

Currently, Viktorija has 300+ projects in her portfolio with specialization on Fintech, Crypto, and Advertising segments. 

At LKI Consulting, she is responsible for turning our Client’s creative ideas into both functional and aesthetic web, UX/UI, graphic, and motion design aligned with the brand.

Maryna Barysheva


5+ years of experience

Maryna Barysheva is a COO of LKI Consulting specializing in deep tech, layer 1, Defi, and SaaS. 

After working with blockchain projects from 15+ countries and managing marketing for Interactio – a 100-M valued B2B tech startup – she knows what it takes to develop a winning external communications, brand awareness, and global GTM strategy.

Maryna also frequently makes appearances on international panel discussions and delivers keynotes on the latest marketing trends. Apart from her public speaking engagements, she mentors young startup entrepreneurs on business development, operations, and growth.

Sarunas Papinigis


15+ years of experience

Sarunas Papinigis is a partner of LKI Consulting who focuses on fintech and investment companies. He is responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies, market survey and data analytics. 

During the last 10 years, he created and developed customer loyalty programs ranging between 1-20M members for top retail chains in Asia and Europe and generating 2-10% sales and profit uplift.

In previous 15 years, he worked in various sales positions in Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever and GSK while building the sales distribution from scratch.

Laura K. Inamedinova

Founder & CEO

8+ years of experience

Laura K. Inamedinova is a Founder & CEO of LKI Consulting who takes no bullshit attitude to business. Thanks to her exquisite data-driven strategies and fresh outlook on the Web3 space, she helped her Clients grow x10 and raise over $1B.

A former contributor of Forbes and Huffington Post, she has been recognized internationally among Top 10 Women Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost acclaimed PR expert, Top 10 Women in International Business by SiliconValleyTimes. 

Inamedinova is the voice of over 129 conferences in 17+ countries around the globe.