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crypto PR strategy

One-time PR campaigns can only get you so far. LKI Consulting analyzes your needs, goals, and audience to develop a full-view crypto PR strategy to maximize reach and triple the results.


crypto journalist network

With 8+ years in crypto PR services, LKI Consulting connects you to a wide network of crypto journalists and publishers to guarantee top-level coverage.

Content creation

tailored to crypto PR

We translate your story into captivating crypto PR news, editorials, and press releases that are impossible to skip. 
We’ve achieved over 3M+ reach in our crypto PR campaigns, publishing in
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Announce your fundraising success, launch, product update, or big news with a bang. Our crypto PR services will boost your announcement tenfold and reach new audiences across 56+ countries.


Give your big news the coverage it deserves and get featured in tier-A crypto PR outlets, from Forbes and Bloomberg for global outreach to Cointelegraph and CryptoDaily for niche Web3 audiences.


Boost your thought leadership with a crypto PR spotlight on your team with a dedicated interview in top-level publications. Spread your vision authentically and become the voice of the industry.

leadership article

Become a respected voice in Web3 and spread your message with a thought leadership article via crypto PR. Talk about your vision, mission, and your role in the crypto, and connect to communities.


Leverage organic crypto PR coverage with editorial articles and get reputable journalists from Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and other outlets of your choice to write about your project.

Quotes and

Comment on the state of crypto and recent Web3 news and get featured in an article by a respected journalist. Participate in industry conversations with crypto PR and get your name out there.
The LKI crypto PR approach

Set a crypto PR goal

We help you approach crypto PR strategically. Work with a top crypto PR agency to refine your vision and set correct goals to maximize results.

Pick crypto PR outlets

Leverage our 7+ years in the crypto space to connect your story to journalists in tier-A publications like Forbes and Cointelegraph.

Enjoy hassle-free PR

We take care of A-Z of the crypto PR process, from goal setting to content creation, pitching, journalist communication, release, and result analysis.
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We let the results do the talking.
Crypto PR benefits


Engaging with a specialized crypto PR agency like LKI Consulting not only elevates your brand’s voice but also boosts its credibility in a highly competitive crypto marketplace.

Increased global exposure

Through our bespoke crypto PR services, we ensure your brand gets featured in tier-A global publications. This maximizes your reach and establishes you as a thought leader in the crypto space.

Targeted audience engagement

Crypto PR isn’t just about mass media blasts; it’s about connecting with your ideal audience. Our crypto PR services are tailored to engage and captivate the communities that matter most to your brand.


What’s the endgame? Tangible, ROI-driven outcomes. As a seasoned crypto PR agency, we don’t just aim for eyeballs—we aim for engagement and conversions that positively affect your bottom line.
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What crypto projects we work with have to say about us

I am very glad to have worked with outstanding and hard-working marketers at LKI Consulting. They are remarkable at what they do. I highly recommend working with them!

Ričardas Sablovskis
Founder & CEO

LKI Consulting are Public Relations experts, who like to get things done.



Nikki Lagerweij
Marketing Manager

LKI Consulting did a great job understanding our core values and communicating it to the media.

Domantas Jaškūnas

I highly recommend LKI Consulting – their fast pace of work, team-oriented approach and high level of excellence will bring success to any project they will pursue in the future.

Laimonas Noreika
CEO & Co-founder

The fast turnaround, clear communication, and constant expansion of services are what sets LKI apart from other companies. The latest brand book she prepared for us was exceptionally on point.

Vaida Saltenyte
Head of Partnerships

We have worked with LKI Team on branding, graphic design, and UX/UI, coming back twice with big projects due to a high-quality service. I’m sure we’ll keep working with LKI on our future needs for the visual identity.

Artūras Bobinas
Business Development

LKI Consulting does not just perform the job you require to be done from them but acts as a consultant more than just a service provider. A true recommendation if you don’t want to take risks and expect absolute quality.

Christof Waton
Founder & CEO

LKI provided Colu with excellent service! They understood our needs, looked for the best PR solutions for us, and maintained continuous communication and transparency throughout the process.

Ortal Tevel

We worked with LKI Team for over 4 months now, and they helped us crystallise our positioning, put together a bullet-proof marketing strategy, and get PR coverage fast. LKI Consulting is a great fit for fast-paced Web3 projects looking to scale!

Mickael Canu
Our Clients are backed by
A crypto PR agency helps crypto brands get the word out about their news, project, and exciting stories. They know the right people and platforms to get your brand featured, all to make you a big deal in the crypto world.
Crypto PR is all about making your crypto or blockchain project famous. It’s not just throwing out press releases; it’s a strategy to get you noticed and trusted in the crypto community.
LKI Consulting has been in the crypto PR game for over 7 years. We’ve got the connections and know-how to get your brand in front of the right eyes, including big names like Forbes, Bloomberg, Benzinga, CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, TechCrunch, Binance, Entrepreneur, and more.
The cost of crypto PR isn’t one-size-fits-all and depends on your goals and needs: which media outlets you want to be in and how big of a splash you’re aiming to make.

What is Crypto PR Services?

In the ever-evolving digital age, the buzz surrounding crypto PR and crypto PR services is becoming impossible to ignore. For those navigating the intricate world of digital currencies, understanding the power of specialized public relations is the key to unlocking unprecedented visibility and credibility. Let’s unravel the mysteries that lie behind the curtain of crypto public relations, illuminating the path to unparalleled brand awareness and market presence.


What are Crypto PR Services?

In the labyrinth of digital finance, where the buzz of new technologies and currencies never ceases, Crypto PR services stand as the lighthouses guiding projects to their deserved recognition. These services, offered by specialized crypto PR agencies, are not merely about getting your name out there. They are about crafting a unique narrative, a story that resonates with your audience, distinguishing your brand in a sea of digital innovation.

A top-tier crypto PR firm does much more than issue press releases; it crafts a holistic image of your brand, ensuring that every piece of communication aligns with your core values and vision. This strategic alignment is what makes crypto PR services invaluable. Whether you are a startup looking to make your mark or an established company aiming to maintain your standing, a crypto PR company tailors its approach to meet your specific needs, employing a variety of tools and strategies to achieve your goals.


What Crypto PR Services Do We Offer?

At LKI Crypto PR, we pride ourselves on being more than just a conventional crypto PR firm; we are the valiant knights of the crypto world. Our mission is to amplify your project’s voice, ensuring it resonates through the digital din. Our arsenal includes:

  • Press Releases: Our press releases are meticulously crafted narratives that capture attention with the force of a dragon’s roar, designed to cut through the noise and hit your target audience with precision.
  • Media Outreach: Our media outreach strategies are akin to arrows aimed by the most skilled archers, seeking out the hearts of journalists and influencers to forge alliances that spotlight your brand at an astonishing pace.
  • Strategic Communication: We offer sage strategic communication tactics, the clandestine scrolls for navigating digital landscapes, ensuring your project not only survives but thrives in the competitive crypto realm.


Who Should Consider Us

Companies Seeking to Boost Brand Awareness: For both blockchain veterans and ambitious newcomers, our tailored crypto PR services are designed to catapult your brand to prominence, ensuring your message is heard across vast digital expanses.

Organizations Looking To Expand Network: In the crypto universe, connections are invaluable. Leveraging our extensive network, we serve as your conduit to new opportunities and strategic partnerships, opening doors to untold possibilities.

Startups Aiming For Maximum Visibility: Launching a crypto startup is a formidable quest. With LKI Crypto PR as your guide, this journey leads to the treasure of visibility, recognition, and a devoted following.

Organizations That Want To Be Seen As Thought Leaders: Standing out in a crowded market requires not just visibility but authority. We position your organization as a beacon of wisdom and insight in the crypto world, transforming you into the go-to source for knowledge and innovation.


Why Choose LKI Crypto PR Services

Choosing LKI Crypto PR means partnering with a firm that transcends the typical boundaries of a crypto PR agency. We are the guardians of integrity, innovation, and excellence, committed to your project’s success in the digital domain. Our team doesn’t just offer services; we embark on a grand adventure alongside you, ensuring your path to crypto prominence is not just successful but legendary.

By entrusting your project to LKI Crypto PR, you’re not just gaining a service provider; you’re gaining an ally, a champion in the quest for crypto greatness. Our dedication to your success is unwavering, our strategies are unparalleled, and our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of every campaign we undertake. Begin your journey to the forefront of the crypto world with LKI Crypto PR, where your project is not just represented—it’s revered.

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Ready to jump in the world of marketing?

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Ready to jump in the world of marketing?

Submit an application

Ready to jump in the world of marketing?

Submit an application


Chief Happiness Officer & Supervisor

8+ years of experience

Feja is the Chief Happiness Officer & Supervisor of LKI Consulting whose main job is to bring happiness to our team and Clients.

Feja is a mix-breed rescue from “LESE” animal shelter, and she is one of the crucial team members of LKI Consulting. 

At LKI Consulting she is responsible for supervising the whole team, asking for pets, and offering her unique perspective which usually ends in a game of ‘no-take, only throw’.

Alexandra Murha

Operations Coordinator

1+ year of experience

Alexandra Murha is the Operations Coordinator of LKI Consulting who ensures operations processes in the Agency run smoothly. 

Currently, Alexandra assists the LKI Consulting team members with the management of daily operational activities, performing administrative tasks, and coordinating weekly communications with Clients. 

At LKI Consulting, she is responsible for managing Marketing Associates, conducting research, and providing operational support across multiple Client initiatives.



Digital Strategist

8+ years of experience

Milda Vilkaitis is the Digital Strategist of LKI Consulting specializing in the digital marketing industry with an organic focus. 

Currently, Milda disrupted the traditional SEO approach, and offered startups or established businesses custom-tailored experience that delivers long-term results. 

At LKI Consulting she is responsible for helping businesses gain authority, and visibility, obtain a stronger market position in their industry, and ultimately generate new quality leads through the power of SEO (ASO included).

Akvile Mikalauskaite

Graphic designer

10+ years of experience

Akvile Mikalauskaite is the Art Director of LKI Consulting.

During the last 10 years, she directed 150+ design projects focusing on Fintech, Tech, and Web3 Clients, helping them with visual representation. 

Akvile is the creative soul behind the greatest brand books that LKI Consulting has created.

Viktorija Domarkaite

Creative Project Manager, 

10+ years of experience

Viktorija Domarkaite is a Creative Projects Manager of LKI Consulting. For the last 10+ years, she has managed the visual representation of B2B and B2C clients from 15 countries. 

Currently, Viktorija has 300+ projects in her portfolio with specialization on Fintech, Crypto, and Advertising segments. 

At LKI Consulting, she is responsible for turning our Client’s creative ideas into both functional and aesthetic web, UX/UI, graphic, and motion design aligned with the brand.

Maryna Barysheva


5+ years of experience

Maryna Barysheva is a COO of LKI Consulting specializing in deep tech, layer 1, Defi, and SaaS. 

After working with blockchain projects from 15+ countries and managing marketing for Interactio – a 100-M valued B2B tech startup – she knows what it takes to develop a winning external communications, brand awareness, and global GTM strategy.

Maryna also frequently makes appearances on international panel discussions and delivers keynotes on the latest marketing trends. Apart from her public speaking engagements, she mentors young startup entrepreneurs on business development, operations, and growth.

Sarunas Papinigis


15+ years of experience

Sarunas Papinigis is a partner of LKI Consulting who focuses on fintech and investment companies. He is responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies, market survey and data analytics. 

During the last 10 years, he created and developed customer loyalty programs ranging between 1-20M members for top retail chains in Asia and Europe and generating 2-10% sales and profit uplift.

In previous 15 years, he worked in various sales positions in Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever and GSK while building the sales distribution from scratch.

Laura K. Inamedinova

Founder & CEO

8+ years of experience

Laura K. Inamedinova is a Founder & CEO of LKI Consulting who takes no bullshit attitude to business. Thanks to her exquisite data-driven strategies and fresh outlook on the Web3 space, she helped her Clients grow x10 and raise over $1B.

A former contributor of Forbes and Huffington Post, she has been recognized internationally among Top 10 Women Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost acclaimed PR expert, Top 10 Women in International Business by SiliconValleyTimes. 

Inamedinova is the voice of over 129 conferences in 17+ countries around the globe.