Top 10 best Web3 marketing agencies

What works in Web2 and for Web2 projects doesn’t translate well to the world of Web3 marketing. Starting from blockchain PR and ending with NFT trends, all Web3, blockchain, crypto, and NFT-centered projects have to find new ways to market their products and services and stand out from the crowd. 


That’s where partnering with a Web3 marketing agency comes in handy, as seasoned professionals can help your project with a tailored approach to your needs and wants.


Yet, no marketing or PR agency in Web3 is created equal. Like the broad scope of Web3 projects and dApps, there are many marketing helpers: web 3.0 marketing companies, agencies that specialize in blockchain PR, crypto currency marketing, NFT promotion, web 3.0 design, and beyond.  


In most cases, the success of your campaign, launch, or marketing initiative comes down to the tailored approach each agency takes. The right PR and Marketing partner can either make or break your campaign. So how do you find the right Web3 marketing agency for you?


In this article, we curated the list of top Web3 marketing agencies so that you can find the solution that clicks.

Mia Lysikova

Project Manager

Managing Web3 projects and strategizing marketing for blockchain companies. Delivered 120+ creative solutions for tech businesses in the past 2 years. 

LKI Consulting is a London-based 7-digit valued Web3 marketing and design agency specializing in Web 3.0 design, blockchain advertising, crypto marketing, and more. It has an impressive track record of scaling its clients 10x and 5x of average ROI on marketing budget, experience of over 7 years, and 250+ happy clients.

Key services

  • Web3 and blockchain marketing strategy development;
  • KOLs, crypto influencers, blockchain influencers, & community marketing;
  • Social media and SEO;
  • Digital ads, including Google crypto advertising and blockchain advertising;
  • Web3, NFT, and Crypto PR;
  • Token/Project launch;
  • Full-service Web 3.0 design, crypto & NFT design, and brand development.

Focus areas

  • LKI Consulting specializes in B2B marketing, communications, and design for fast-paced startups in fintech, SaaS, regtech, adtech, and more.
  • The agency scales NFT, Metaverse, GameFi, Layer 1/2, Mining, DeFi, P2E, P2L, dApps, and other blockchain-based projects.
  • LKI Consulting also strategizes marketing and branding for Venture Capitalists, asset management firms, banks, and blockchain-focused funds.

Client list

  • Ternoa
  • Meld
  • Prasaga

Best fit for you if…

LKI Consulting is your go-to Web3 PR agency if your project is looking to scale fast and partner for full-service Web3 digital marketing, including design, community management, strategy creation, and everything in between. From digital marketing strategy to pitching to comprehensive social media strategy, LKI Consulting has a wide range of services for you to choose from and create the best package for your budget and goals.


Operating since 2017, Coinscribble is a blockchain PR agency that has a crystal-clear goal of helping crypto projects notify the blockchain community about their news and exciting announcements, and reach a wider Web3 audience. With a huge list of reputable news and media publications, Coinscribble is a Web3 PR agency that guarantees your press releases reach your target audience. 

Key services

  • PR Editing
  • SEO optimization
  • Blockchain PR coverage by top crypto publications, including, CoinTelegraph, Yahoo Finance, and more.

Focus areas

  • Coinscribble specializes in providing end-to-end PR coverage for NFT collections, token Sales, ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs, crypto exchanges, DeFi Platforms, Layer 1 and Layer 2 Blockchains, and DAOs.

Client list

  • Tron 
  • ImmutableX
  • Voyager

Best fit for you if…

Coinscribble is the best blockchain PR agency for Web3 and crypto-based projects that need to spread the word fast and have the resources to do so. With a wide range of publications on their list, you can be sure that your press release or company announcement reaches the right audience. Bear in mind that the service offering is fairly limited and if you need services beyond media placements, you’ll need to partner with other Web3 marketing agencies.

Ninja Promo

Ninja Promo is a Web3 marketing agency that shines when it comes to positioning and blockchain digital marketing. With a rounded approach to social media, community marketing, and crypto influencers, Ninja Promo is an award-winning solution that delivers.

Key services

  • Search engine optimization
  • Community marketing & blockchain influencers
  • Blockchain PR in leading crypto publications
  • Full-stack blockchain development
  • Paid blockchain advertising
  • Mobile app development

Focus areas

  • The agency’s strategic crypto marketing SEO services help establish the brand’s authority and searchability, reaching prospects faster and more effectively.
  • Ninja Promo’s social media management services provide round-the-clock community management to maximize engagement.
  • The team offers tailored blockchain and mobile development solutions with high functionality and security.

Client list

  • Trust Wallet
  • Dash
  • Dopamine

Best fit for you if…

Ninja Promo is a good fit for crypto and Web3 projects that need both community management and can benefit from their unique offering of full-stack blockchain development. 

Single Grain

Single Grain is a Web3 marketing agency that aims to amplify your revenue with personalized blockchain marketing strategies. With brands like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Bittrex, Polymath, and Blockgeeks on their Client list, they offer digital marketing Web 3.0 services.

Key services

  • Blockchain, cryptocurrency, dApps, and NFT marketing 
  • Token distribution strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • DAO consulting
  • Community building and management
  • Content marketing

Focus areas

  • Single Grain assists Web3 projects with community management over Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.
  • They offer SEO, content marketing, community marketing, crypto advertisement, influencer marketing, and social media marketing.
  • They also create tailored growth plans and strategies that fit your project’s goals.

Client list

  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Bittrex

Best fit for you if…

Web3 marketing specialists at Single Grain are your best fit if you are an emerging Web3 or NFT project looking for an extensive growth or blockchain marketing strategy that is tailored to your needs and goals.

Melrose PR

Melrose PR positions itself as a boutique Web3 PR Agency, which can only mean one thing: with over a decade of experience behind its back, Melrose PR delivers stellar PR results for Web3 projects, focusing on four major service offerings: PR, thought leadership, content, and strategy. 

Key services

  • Messaging and positioning
  • Web3 and crypto PR services
  • Content creation

Focus areas

  • As the name suggests, the agency specializes in blockchain PR and guarantees coverage in top publications like WSJ, Bloomberg, Decrypt, and others.
  • The team also works on creating a full-suite blockchain marketing strategy.
  • Supplementing its focus on blockchain PR, the agency develops content plans and their execution, as well as thought leadership opportunities such as interviews, speaking engagements, and more.

Client list

  • BitGo
  • Arcade
  • Blockdaemon

Best fit for you if…

Melrose PR is your go-to Web3 marketing agency if you are an established blockchain-based project exclusively looking for well-rounded PR experience and investing in refined thought leadership with both training, preparation, and execution.

Lunar Strategy

Luna Strategy is a Web3 PR agency with a background in SEO and paid advertising. As an EU-based Web3 marketing company, it offers more opportunities for projects who aim to target this region.

Key services

  • Blockchain PR
  • Web3 Community Management
  • Crypto influencers marketing
  • Crypto Paid Ads
  • Web3 Social Media

Focus areas

  • Lunar Strategy specializes in crypto and NFT PR, maximizing impact and reach by expert community marketing.
  • Another area of focus is GameFi and play-to-earn projects, along with Web3-focused strategies for decentralized dApps.

Client list

  • Sahara Protocol
  • Oasis Foundation
  • Mudrex

Best fit for you if…

Lunar Strategy pays special attention to onboarding its clients for a long-term partnerships. To maximize your investment into Web3 marketing, make sure that you fit their area of expertise: crypto projects and exchanges, NFT-focused businesses, Gamefi, and Defi solutions.


ICODA is a crypto marketing agency with years of experience in Web3 branding. They help blockchain and crypto-related companies to attract paying customers successfully with specific, well-refined tactics and connections. Their main focus is on fundraising and community marketing for emerging crypto projects.

Key services

  • Client acquisition
  • Telegram and YouTube promotion
  • NFT PR
  • Smart contracts
  • Blockchain development

Focus areas

  • ICODA helps clients attract funding by the guaranteed listing of their token on different crypto websites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • They also focus on NFT promotion through paid advertising, social media marketing, PRs, and video creation.
  • The team also has dedicated Twitter and Discord strategies for community engagement with a Web3-native audience.

Client list

  • Paycent
  • SwissBorg
  • PrimeXBT

Best fit for you if…

ICODA is a fit for your team if you are looking for a solution that specializes in NFT projects and Web3 marketing that has tailored techniques for token promotion and successful fundraising. Thanks to their connections with other crypto businesses, you can get well-rounded exposure to different segments of your audience.


Neoreach is a 360° Web3 marketing agency specializing in decentralized projects and remote teams. They offer a full marketing strategy service, from ideation to brainstorming, to execution. With their NFT-exclusive offering, businesses can get help with minting timeframes, launches, secondary market amplification techniques, and support.

Key services

  • Influencer marketing
  • Strategy creation and execution
  • NFT PR

Focus areas

  • Neoreach works and connects clients with a wide network of NFT influencers.
  • In addition to matching brands with the fitting KOLs for their niche, the team also offers creative strategy and direction, so that your campaign does not only have the right voice, but a fitting message, execution, and delivery.

Client list

  • Clash
  • Tezos
  • Robinhood

Best fit for you if…

While Neoreach works with a number of industries and is not exclusive to just Web3 marketing, their influencer-focused offering  is worth it for NFT projects that are looking for ambassadors and niche creators, as well as a data-driven approach to both strategy creation and execution.


CryptoVirally provides 1-stop-shop Web3 marketing services to NFT and blockchain advertising. Focusing on public relations, paid media, influencers, social media channels, and brand awareness, the agency promotes NFT assets worldwide.

Key services

  • NFT Promotion
  • Blockchain PR and media reach
  • Crypto influencer Marketing
  • Full Brand Development
  • Graphics and Web Design
  • Website audit & SEO

Focus areas

  • CryptoVitally offers both short-term and long-term services, from help with community marketing on Discord to a full audit of your website and social media.
  • They have special offers for NFT projects, with tailored strategies and trusted partners to promote your news and announcements. 
  • Recently, the agency also expanded its offering by adding Asia-based promotion and PR services for NFT projects that are looking to expand their target audience to the region.

Client list

  • Bitrue

Best fit for you if…

CryptoVirally is an NFT-focused Web3 agency, so if you are looking for a dedicated approach and more opportunities in the market, this solution would be your pick. Whether you are looking for a one-time collaboration to put your press release in a reputable publication or want a full-ride blockchain digital marketing plan and audit, they have an offer for you.


You might think LetsTok is just another Web3 marketing agency that specializes in influencer and community marketing, and we covered enough of those already. But this blockchain marketing company connects and strategizes for you and NFT influencers with a twist. Using their unique AI-driven technology, they assist clients with the brand launch and campaign management.

Key services

  • NFT and crypto influencers for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Campaign design and strategy
  • Content creation
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • AI automated influencer marketing 
  • User-generated content (UGC)

Focus areas

  • With their AI-driven technology, LetsTok team helps brands connect with niche influencers and KOLs that align with their goals, audience, and values. NFT and crypto influencers are just some of the 10K+ database.

Client list

  • NovoShield
  • Kryptomon
  • SparkWorld

Best fit for you if…

LetsTok puts a spin on influencer marketing and community management, which is going to be a fit for Web3 solutions that are still looking for their unique voice and representative or need extra help with finding their share of fans online. LetsTok offers access to a wide range of social media platforms so that you can cover more ground.

Wrapping up

As you probably guessed by now, Web3 marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes, which only means one thing: you’ll be able to find what fits your budget, goals, and values. 

If you are a Web3 project looking to scale, grow your audience, and partner with an agency that provides value, not products – get to know us!

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Chief Happiness Officer & Supervisor

8+ years of experience

Feja is the Chief Happiness Officer & Supervisor of LKI Consulting whose main job is to bring happiness to our team and Clients.

Feja is a mix-breed rescue from “LESE” animal shelter, and she is one of the crucial team members of LKI Consulting. 

At LKI Consulting she is responsible for supervising the whole team, asking for pets, and offering her unique perspective which usually ends in a game of ‘no-take, only throw’.

Alexandra Murha

Operations Coordinator

1+ year of experience

Alexandra Murha is the Operations Coordinator of LKI Consulting who ensures operations processes in the Agency run smoothly. 

Currently, Alexandra assists the LKI Consulting team members with the management of daily operational activities, performing administrative tasks, and coordinating weekly communications with Clients. 

At LKI Consulting, she is responsible for managing Marketing Associates, conducting research, and providing operational support across multiple Client initiatives.



Digital Strategist

8+ years of experience

Milda Vilkaitis is the Digital Strategist of LKI Consulting specializing in the digital marketing industry with an organic focus. 

Currently, Milda disrupted the traditional SEO approach, and offered startups or established businesses custom-tailored experience that delivers long-term results. 

At LKI Consulting she is responsible for helping businesses gain authority, and visibility, obtain a stronger market position in their industry, and ultimately generate new quality leads through the power of SEO (ASO included).

Akvile Mikalauskaite

Graphic designer

10+ years of experience

Akvile Mikalauskaite is the Art Director of LKI Consulting.

During the last 10 years, she directed 150+ design projects focusing on Fintech, Tech, and Web3 Clients, helping them with visual representation. 

Akvile is the creative soul behind the greatest brand books that LKI Consulting has created.

Viktorija Domarkaite

Creative Project Manager, 

10+ years of experience

Viktorija Domarkaite is a Creative Projects Manager of LKI Consulting. For the last 10+ years, she has managed the visual representation of B2B and B2C clients from 15 countries. 

Currently, Viktorija has 300+ projects in her portfolio with specialization on Fintech, Crypto, and Advertising segments. 

At LKI Consulting, she is responsible for turning our Client’s creative ideas into both functional and aesthetic web, UX/UI, graphic, and motion design aligned with the brand.

Maryna Barysheva


5+ years of experience

Maryna Barysheva is a COO of LKI Consulting specializing in deep tech, layer 1, Defi, and SaaS. 

After working with blockchain projects from 15+ countries and managing marketing for Interactio – a 100-M valued B2B tech startup – she knows what it takes to develop a winning external communications, brand awareness, and global GTM strategy.

Maryna also frequently makes appearances on international panel discussions and delivers keynotes on the latest marketing trends. Apart from her public speaking engagements, she mentors young startup entrepreneurs on business development, operations, and growth.

Sarunas Papinigis


15+ years of experience

Sarunas Papinigis is a partner of LKI Consulting who focuses on fintech and investment companies. He is responsible for developing marketing and communication strategies, market survey and data analytics. 

During the last 10 years, he created and developed customer loyalty programs ranging between 1-20M members for top retail chains in Asia and Europe and generating 2-10% sales and profit uplift.

In previous 15 years, he worked in various sales positions in Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever and GSK while building the sales distribution from scratch.

Laura K. Inamedinova

Founder & CEO

8+ years of experience

Laura K. Inamedinova is a Founder & CEO of LKI Consulting who takes no bullshit attitude to business. Thanks to her exquisite data-driven strategies and fresh outlook on the Web3 space, she helped her Clients grow x10 and raise over $1B.

A former contributor of Forbes and Huffington Post, she has been recognized internationally among Top 10 Women Entrepreneur by Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost acclaimed PR expert, Top 10 Women in International Business by SiliconValleyTimes. 

Inamedinova is the voice of over 129 conferences in 17+ countries around the globe.