Client description is a premier live betting platform hosted on hi, the ultimate Web3 neo bank. works in partnership with Yolo Group, a leader in the cross-section of gaming, fintech, and blockchain, with trusted brands and in their business line.

Members can explore an extensive sportsbook, indulge in over 100 captivating games, interact with live dealers, and spin the reels of innovative slots.

Users can bet on local championships, e-sports, or global phenomena like FIFA using fiat or crypto.

hi x Yolo partnership provides a smooth betting experience, enhanced by generous cashback and rebates on both wins and losses.

Services provided

  • Email marketing & lead nurturing
  • Content marketing
  • Design
  • Audit and data analysis


  • Started working: 2023 April
  • Time worked: ongoing partnership
  • Campaigns together: 7 strategies, 20+ tactics

Goal: To acquire new users, retain a consistent player base, and encourage first-time deposits (FTDs) among new members.


When we started working together, was a new addition to the hi app with few players and no strategic approach to acquisition and retention.

Leveraging the untapped potential of in-app notifications, email marketing, and regional segmentation, we designed a comprehensive player acquisition and retention plan for from the ground up.

Here is how we did it

First, we needed to analyze the data and create a comprehensive strategy based on existing facts and competitors’ research. We broke down our process into clear steps.

1. Audit of data

Our first step was analyzing the existing information about casino players, cleaning up the existing databases, and comparing our insights to industry standards and best practices.

2. Competitors’ analysis

We took our initial findings from the data audit and investigated how casino marketing was done among the competitors, including, Stake,, and more. Key findings were applied to the next step: brainstorming.

3. Initial brainstorm 

Collaborating closely with’s internal marketing team, we came up with five key campaigns we can leverage on a long-term basis.

Campaign #1: Daily сheck-in
  • Daily check-in strategy uses the in-app casino channel to encourage daily engagement. An in-app pop-up prompts users to log in and play daily. 
  • This strategy especially targets new users and inactive players, offering them rewards for consistency. 
  • The main hook is that after 7 consecutive days of activity, starting with a $50 deposit and daily bets of at least $10, players earn a spin on a reward wheel. 
  • Prizes include a month of Hi Gold tier benefits, token deposits, cash deposits, a 2x wins multiplier, or an extra spin.
Campaign #2: Newsletter to the database
  • Yolo’s active and inactive users receive an email announcing the partnership.
  • To reactivate users, an email promo code offers rewards within the hi app. But first, users must complete the KYC process, deposit $50, and make a casino action.
  • The reward: 1 hi for every 1 USD gambled, capped at 100 hi. This ensures better ROI and encourages continued investment without immediate withdrawals.
Campaign #3: Giveaway
  • Shifting from the above strategy, hi introduces a gamified approach. Active users in casino are entered into a monthly giveaway.
  • Players get an email with a promo code for a prize draw. While three lucky winners get a major prize, non-winners receive a smaller casino incentive.
  • App reminders and countdown notifications for the giveaway.
  • Winners receive a significant prize and a newsletter. Non-winners get a consolation prize: an airdrop of 50 hi tokens each.
Campaign #4: Release rewards from the vault
  • Active players are rewarded through the release of incentives from the hi vault, promoting more engagement on the hi app.
  • A unique proposition, stating “1% of your betting volume will be unlocked in HI from Rewards to Vault,” serves as the reward mechanism.
  • As users indulge in casino play, they’re kept informed and enticed via pop-up notifications and a visible progress bar, illustrating their closeness to the reward target.
  • Upon hitting the requisite betting volume, players receive a 1% cashback on their expenditure, credited directly to their casino balance.
Campaign #5: Casino balance
  • The hi app integrates a ‘ balance’ within the Wallet section, presenting it alongside established categories like Crypto, Trading, Fiat, and IBAN.
  • Introducing this feature aims not only to create awareness of the casino but also serves as a soft introduction of to users who might not have previously ventured into this feature.
  • Upon exploring their wallet, users are greeted by the prominently displayed Casino section, sparking curiosity and encouraging engagement.
  • For first-time casino adventurers, the hi app offers an enticing incentive: a preliminary balance that allows them to experience the casino firsthand.
We successfully onboarded and took charge of implementing, monitoring and adjusting campaign execution via, a CRM and email automation platform for launching marketing campaigns. 

4. Implementation and execution

LKI Consulting empowered with data-driven strategies and continues to implement and monitor results, as well as implement changes based on KPIs. 

Here are some of the KPIs we set:

Emails opened in campaigns


New players per each email

First-time deposits in 2 months

Segmentation strategy

LKI Consulting handled a significant strategic work during our partnership with, mainly focusing on research and implementation of segmentation strategies.

After analyzing competitors and previous marketing efforts, one thing was clear: no user persona.

We took this challenge and approached the issue from two angles: segmentation by interest and geographical location.

Geographical segmentation

One of the approaches we successfully tested and implemented was regional targeting, with a heavy focus on local sports events and cultural interests.

Players are more likely to bet on events they feel connected to. Hence, we focused on tactics that target their patriotism and culture.

This segmentation strategy focused on increasing its user base from high-gambling countries.

The approach encompasses multiple channels, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Crypto gambling influencers
  • Telegram promotions
  • In-app banners
  • Social media outreach
  • Push notifications.

Existing users were to be reached mainly through in-app methods while potential new users were to be targeted through influencers and Telegram groups. The campaigns were tailored for different demographics, often referencing popular cultural trends.

Target countries for this campaign are those with the highest gambling spend, with a key performance goal to enhance the bet volume. The three leaders were Italy, Switzerland, and Singapore.

While a single promotional incentive, Status Points to ascend their loyalty program tier, was to be used across the campaign, its presentation varied to appeal to different demographics.

After identifying three leading countries by deposit volume and player quantity, we ran several marketing campaigns, targeting their key sports interests, and leveraging patriotism and cultural attributes.


Emails opened in this campaign


Email waves sent

Cumulative open rate

League segmentation

We picked a psychographic approach to targeting specific sports leagues and types of games as a second tactic.

Building on earlier regional targeting, this tactic linked to the regional affiliation of various leagues, but not just by countries.

We found that baseball fans in the US are still heavily invested in the Japanese league. Similarly, FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 was a leading global event that captured the attention of players across all countries.

On the left, you can see an excerpt of campaigns we ran in the first two months of working together.


Email Marketing

Email marketing was the cornerstone of our marketing strategy to activate existing and drive new users to the platform.

Implementing the two segmentation strategies mentioned above, we ran over 35 email campaigns, reaching a global audience of 500K+ users and securing $87,745+ in-app deposits.

As a part of regional targeting, we focused on two tactics:

Cultural affiliation

We leveraged cultural habits and country-specific traditions to drive traffic to relevant sports events, slots, and live dealers.

Local events

We ran region-specific campaigns for sports events that were relevant only to the given country.


International leagues and interests

For international events and niche sports interests that are popular globally, we ran email campaigns that targeted the whole database.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 17.55.32

As a result of our segmentation approaches, we attracted a new wave of players to the casino, both through increasing betting volume and First Time Deposits for new users.

We also prepared brand-new designs to build on the existing brand book and attract new users with a clean visual identity.

A teaser of our custom design


Our laser-focused approach was successful. 

Here’s a sneak peek inside for one of our major tactics.

Total emails opened

In-app deposits from emails

Cumulative open rate

Cumulative click-through rate

*The industry average click-through rate is under 2%. 

Final insights

By combining extensive email marketing strategy and hands-on lead nurturing, we built a solid foundation to bring more players to in five months of active execution.

Key insights:

  • When attracting new players, it is essential to highlight the unique proposition of the platform, such as rebates on wins & losses and cashback.
  • For live sports betting, the key in securing a consistent stream of players is planning 2+ months in advance for relevant leagues and sports events.
  • To target those who registered at the casino but didn’t make their first deposit, reminding them of current betting events is the most effective tactic.
  • This campaign also helped to re-activate old users who never proceeded with the deposits, showing retargeting tactics is a viable approach for casino.

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